Wednesday, January 7, 2015

'The Fall' Netflix Twitter Chat With Jamie and Gillian Anderson


Jamie's Answers

@JamieDornan: "@MarinaSalazar21 Are there certain characteristics you admire for one another's character?" Her strength & determination #TheFallOnNetflix

@JamieDornan: "@miz_nats Do you think Paul had any compassion at all?" No, I think he is void of compassion. #TheFallOnNetflix

@JamieDornan: "@XO_BB_XO some of the fans want Paul to actually get away with this & live a normal life. Is that weird?" That seems to be a common opinion

@JamieDornan: "@Starbuck_Scully Other than the characters you play, who is/was your favorite character on the show?" Stella, obviously. #TheFallOnNetflix

@JamieDornan: "@dornanjohnsons What is the most difficult thing about playing Paul?" Inhabiting the mind of someone so sick. #TheFallOnNetflix

@JamieDornan: "@MarinaSalazar21 What intrigued you most about your character to want to play them?" The killer's vicinity of his home life to his murders.

@JamieDornan: "@summer0001 what's the best part of making this show?" Getting to work with @GillianA who is sat right beside me. #TheFallOnNetflix

@JamieDornan: "@TeamJamieD Was it challenging to get into the character of Paul Spector?" Very challenging but ultimately rewarding. #TheFallOnNetflix

@JamieDornan: "@Emma92uk do you think there's something "more" between Stella and Paul?" You'll have to watch to find out... #TheFallOnNetflix

@JamieDornan: "@MrsSaraTurner Were you at all surprised how big #TheFall has become?" No, because they're best scripts I've ever read. #TheFallOnNetflix

@JamieDornan: "@kzatorska Any films from last year/this year that you would say are a must see?" Whiplash. #TheFallOnNetflix

@JamieDornan: "@shadeshar In one word how would you describe your character" Monster. #TheFallOnNetflix

@JamieDornan: "@JennyJohnsonHi5 I LOVE The Fall!!! Gives me a big 'ol TV boner. Will there be a third season?" Thank you. Potentially more boners to come.

@JamieDornan: "Thanks everyone for your questions. Wish I could have gotten to all of you.  Season 2 premieres on @netflix January 16! #TheFallOnNetflix"

Some of Gillian Anderson's Answers

@GillianA: "@Starbuck_Scully Other than the characters you play, who is/was your favorite character on the show? #TheFallOnNetflix" Spector.

@GillianA: "@sssfallenangel @GillianA #TheFallOnNetflix favorite scene with @JamieDornan ?" If I told you it would be a spoiler. I'll say the long one.

@GillianA: "@shadesofdornan @GillianA @JamieDornan do you think on some level Stella relates to Spector? #TheFallOnNetflix" Definitely.

@GillianA: "@rachelfardy @JamieDornan @GillianA how about a selfie?  #TheFallOnNetfix" banana added for scale ;)

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