Friday, January 30, 2015

NEW BTS Interviews from 'The 9th Life of Louis Drax' + Article

ET Canada - With the Valentine's Day release of his highly anticipated film Fifty Shades of Grey, we have a feeling Jamie Dornan will become, if he hasn't already, a household name.

The soon-to-be internationally renowned star was as humble as the sexiest apple pie you've ever laid your eyes on when Erin Cebula visited him on set of another film, The 9th Life Of Louis Drax.

In regards to all the attention the former Calvin Klein model is getting these days, Dornan modestly tells Erin: "I'm not aware of it I guess, because I'm working and you're sort of in a bubble when you're working."

"No one on the crew seems to care," Dornan continues. "I'm not getting any extra attention from the crew, so that's fine."

After stepping into the shoes, or straps should we say, playing Christian Grey in the big screen adaptation of the best-selling novel, the 32-year-old new dad is playing the part of a doctor tasked with determining the events that led to a young boy's accident in Louis Drax. Dornan tells Erin that although the roles are miles apart, his most recent characters are both very driven.

"He's presented with a case that is kind of like no other," Dornan explains. "There is something about it that he just really needs to understand and that's what sort of drives him."

Dornan isn't alone in trying to crack the case, House Of Cards star Molly Parker and Dracula Untold star Sarah Gadon join the actor in the film.

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