Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Jamie in OK! UK Magazine + New Interview

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Was it daunting to star as the lead role in Fifty Shades of Grey?

Jamie: I felt I had already prepared, in a way, for it by playing a very difficult character in The Fall. That kind of a role leaves its mark on you and it also toughens you as an actor.

What is your perspective on Christian Grey?

Jamie: I'm happy to have this chance to play this character. I know it's going to be very controversial film but I don't think it's anti-feminist, as some people have been insinuating. The sex and the relationship is all consensual and contractual.

You've gone from playing one intense character to another. What attracts you to these types of roles?

Jamie: I keep my mind open because I like to have a variety of choices. I want to play as many different characters as possible during my career. Of course there are no comparisons between the two of them [Paul Spector and Christian Grey] but I like playing characters who are passionate about something. It's appealing as an actor to play characters who take care, precision and put commitment into something they are passionate about. It's exciting to play such strong characters and in fact no role scares me. It's part of the job and that's what makes it fun.

Is it hard to get out of the mindset of playing such an obsessice character?

Jamie: There'd be times where I'd see my mates, they'd want to go out for dinner, and I had to say "Look, I can't do it, I need to lie in a bath and listen to Maria Callas and think about 'happy'," I'm not a dark person, although I've had my share of sadness to deal with, but I believe I can understan the darkness in people and bring that to a character without letting it weigh me down.

Do you feel your background as a model helped prepare you tu become an actor?

Jamie: You're aware of your body movement and the positioning of the camera, so it's not a difficult transition on that level. Modelling helped me in terms of understanding how to project yourself in front of the camera, although obviously acting is much more involved process.

What are your future plans?

Jamie: I think I've played enough dark characters lately, I'd like to do something lighter if possible.

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