Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Jamie Talks About Dakota in Vogue Magazine (February 2015) + Sam Taylor-Johnson Mentions Jamie and Dakota

“We couldn’t offer her the part until we felt there was a definite chemistry between her and whoever was going to play the part of Christian,” says Taylor-Johnson. Enter the improbably good-looking Northern Irishman Jamie Dornan, charismatic star of the hair-raising BBC crime series The Fall, with a proverbial twinkle in his eye. Their chemistry, as the director recalls, was immediate.

"Dakota is very funny - and humor on a film set goes a long way," says Dornan. "But she also had ability to be a very strong dramatic actress. She'd be telling a joke one minute and breaking your heart on-screen the next - so she was perfect."

Dakota loves the museum stylish exhibiton of 1920s German Expressionist cinema - particularly teh Weimar filmmaker's idea of "the set of a movie being a character along with the actors, where even the wallpaper means something." It reminds her of the Red Room on the Fifty Shades set, where "everything has a place and every drawer and cabinet and box has something in it" - though it's not something even visible to the viewer. "Only Jamie and I knew," she says.

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