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'Fifty Shades of Grey' Featured in Vanity Fair February 2015 Issue + New Still and BTS Picture + E.L. James and Sam Taylor-Johnson Mention Jamie and Amelia

Updates: Scans replaced with UHQ versions.

E.L. James and Sam Taylor-Johnson mention Jamie and Amelia in the interview:


The role of Christian was much harder to cast. James had her heart set on Robert Pattinson, her inspiration for Christian, according to two sources, though James says today that "everyone who's read the books has their own vision of what the characters look like. But from the start I had hoped we would cast unknowns for the lead roles - actors that the film could make into stars." For Pattinson, it would hardly have been a wise career move to take on a Twilight-inspired role. It was rumored that the team considered Alexander Skarsgard, Garrett Hedlung, and Christian Cooke - "It was really hard work," says Taylor-Johnson, smiling, "sitting in a casting office in Studio City meeting 20 devastatingly handsome men each day" - but eventually settled on Charlie Hunnam, the rough, blonde star of Sons of Anarchy: who perhaps didn't resemble the metrosexual Christian Grey of the books (the fans noted this and were unhappy), but definitely dripped with libido. Hunnam, however, dropped out weeks before shooting was to begin, citing scheduling conflicts. "There was just some sort of nagging reservation, and .. there was definitely scheduling issues... I think he was nervous about signing up for the whole trilogy," says Taylor-Johnson. "He could see how we were going to work well together, but the unknown of the next two films - I think that was a really big thing." She sighs. "I was really sad when he left... I'm ever the optimist. I think we ended up with the right one."

Taylor-Johnson and the team pivoted to Jamie Dornan, who stars in the hit BBC series The Fall, which has just completed its second season. "It's common knowledge that the casting had its ups and downs, but I was won over by Dakota and Jamie - they seemed the perfect fit," says James. Dornan, the 32-year-old onetime boyfriend of Keira Knightley, was a fan favorite. With his chiseled jaw and copper-colored curls, he definitely looks the part. "I think Jamie is perfect for Christian," says Taylor-Johnson. Dornan is a former Calvin Klein model from Northern Ireland, and when he was cast, his wife, actress and musician Amelia Warner, was eight months pregnant with their first daughter in London. "I would never have been this understanding, but, Amelia flew to Vancouver so he could shoot the film, leaving all her doctors and her family behind," says Taylor-Johnson. "Then Jamie had a brand-new baby the first week of shooting."


You can the full transcript of the article HERE

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