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New HQ Pictures and Video of Jamie and Dakota on the 'Fifty Shades Freed' Set in Paris (July 19)

'Anthropoid' UK and Canada Release Dates

'Anthropoid' will be released on September 9, 2016 in UK and Ireland. The news was announced by 'Anthropoid' Official Facebook page:

Canada release date is August 12, 2016. It was announced by 'Anthropoid's Canada distributor Elevation Pictures on their Instagram page:

Thanks to @AnthropoidFilm for the heads up

'Anthropoid' US Premiere Will Take Place in NYC on August 4th

According to Average Socialite website, 'Anthropoid' US premiere will take place in NYC on August 4, 2016.

Affair: Anthropoid Red Carpet Premiere
When: Thursday, August 4, 2016
Hot Spot: NYC
Deets: ANTHROPOID is based on the extraordinary true story of “Operation Anthropoid,” the code name for the Czechoslovakian operatives’ mission to assassinate SS officer Reinhard Heydrich.
Heydrich, the main architect behind the Final Solution, was the Reich’s third in command behind Hitler and Himmler and the leader of Nazi forces in Czechoslovakia. The film follows two soldiers from the Czechoslovakian army-in-exile, Josef Gabčík (Cillian Murphy) and Jan Kubiš (Jamie Dornan), who are parachuted into their occupied homeland in December 1941. With limited intelligence and little equipment in a city under lock down, they must find a way to assassinate Heydrich, an operation that would change the face of Europe forever.
Who You May Spot: Jamie Dornan, Cillian Murphy 
Catch the film in theaters starting August 12, 2016.

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New HQ Pictures and Video of Jamie and Dakota on the 'Fifty Shades Freed' Set in Paris (July 18)

New 'The 9th Life of Louis Drax' Poster and Stills

HQ Poster

MQ Banner

HQ Stills 

Large Still

Poster & Banner: The 9th Life of Louis Drax FB Page | Stills: @Gossipgyal & SarahGadonRus

New 'Anthropoid' Poster and TV Spot

Large Poster

New TV Spot - "Terror"

Poster via @AnthropoidFilm

New Pictures of Jamie and Dakota on the 'Fifty Shades Freed' Set (July 15)

New Pictures of Jamie and His Family in Nice (July 14)

New Pictures of Jamie and Dakota on the 'Fifty Shades Freed' Set in Nice (July 13)

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Conor MacNeill Mentions Jamie

The Siege of Jadotville similarly has a historical setting, as it depicts the real-life 1961 siege of a 150-strong Irish UN battalion under Commander Patrick Quinlan (Jamie Dornan) by 3,000 Congolese troops led by French and Belgian mercenaries working for mining companies. The film is an Irish/South African co-production, with the majority of the filming taking place in South Africa. MacNeill was quick to mention the hospitality of the locals. “They made us feel right at home. We were a small band of actors hanging out together, taking the bus to the shoot together, and back together. There was a really good bond in the group.”

MacNeill plays the radio operator “I’m the point of contact for the outside world. I’m the one that brings the rest both good and bad news, that has to tell them that they are on their own. Having us away from home instilled a bond and made it all feel more real.” As a result of his role in the film he spent a lot of time with lead Jamie Dornan. “That was great. Jamie’s a really good guy. We went from there to working together on The Fall a few months later, and it felt really natural.”


New Pictures of Jamie on the 'Fifty Shades Freed' Set in Nice (July 12)

New/Old Picture of Jamie with His Trainer on the 'Fifty Shades Darker/Freed' Set

ramonabraganza: "#SoulfulSunday and grateful for the privilege of working with such incredible talent and #lovingmyjob. while I didn't plan to be a #trainer working in #fitness , #god had a plan for me. Here with my latest client @jamiedornan at conclusion of the #film #50shadesofgrey #celebrity #fitness #sexy #actor"

Jamie and Dakota's messages for their trainer Ramona

New/Old Fan Picture of Jamie on the 'Jadotville' Set

kittyrose97: "Fifty Shades of Jamie Dornan 🔥"

First Stills from 'The Fall' Season 3 + New Season Will Be Aired This Fall

The Fall - TV: "Gibson. Spector. Their final dance begins this autumn. Are you ready for the return of ‪#‎TheFall‬?"

HQ Stills 

MQ Scan - Sunday Mirror 

New/Old Picture of Jamie with the Cast on the 'Jadotville' Set

Source: Siege at Jadotville

New/Old Picture of Jamie with Krister Henriksson on the 'The Fall' Season 3 Set

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Sean Ellis Talks About Jamie

You have cast Jamie Dornan, who became famous in the whole world because of his role in Fifty Shades of Grey, but you also have cast Cillian Murphy. Why those two?

Sean Ellis: We chose Cillian first, I like him and he did a great job with the script. When everything came together, he was the only choice for Gabčík. It wasn't that easy with Kubiš. We were looking for someone, who would have a great chemistry with Cillian. Eventually we chose Jamie. I met him before Fifty Shades of Grey hit the theatres. We knew about his role (of Christian) and to be honest, we weren't very happy about it. We were thinking whether his role in Fifty Shades could possibly hurt Anthropoid. But when I saw Jamie's excitement for Kubiš' story...

I was really surprised to see what a big star he actually is. Fans from Italy arrived just because of him.

Sean Ellis: Kubiš was very handsome and girls went after him so they have this in common.

Source | Translation: @KrisickaFan

New Picture of Jamie at ELLE Lounge in Karlovy Vary Today

vladkaholanova: "On je prostě ňuňu😍 #filmfestival2016 #karlovyvary #pupp #mystar #sohappy #jamiedornan #ellebeautylounge2016 #elle #guerlain #makebyme #setkaniporoce #thankyou @ellebeautylounge @teamguerlain @guerlain"

'Jadotville' Stills Now In HQ

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Bigger HQ


Without Jamie 

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Anna Geislerová Talks About 'Anthropoid' Cast and Mentions Jamie

In the film, Kubiš is played by the Jamie Dornan, who’s visitingKarlovy Vary for the second time. What about Cillian Murphy, the great Irish actor, who plays your partner Jozef Gabčík? What was he like?

Anna Geislerová: Cillian and I play an older and more distinguished couple. He’s quite introverted and commands great respect at first sight, but when someone like that smiles at you, you adore him forever… It was great how Cillian and Jamie got along, too, as though they’ve known each other for years; they forged a bond which in my opinion will remain strong for a long time. The Canadian actress Charlotte Le Bon, who plays Kubiš’s girlfriend Marie Kovárníková, was also outstanding. She’s incredibly lucky to have been bestowed with great beauty, intelligence, a sense of humor and talent – besides acting, she is also a photographer and painter. They’re really interesting, competent people with inner freedom, and I’m grateful I was able to work with them, as well as with all the Czech actors – Václav Neužil, Alena Mihulová, Roman Zach – along with the great Polish actor Marcin Dorociński and Briton Toby Jones.


First Clip from 'Anthropoid' + Sean Ellis Talks About the Movie

The clip is extended version of a scene from the trailer. It starts at 1:33

'Anthropoid' Press Conference at Karlovy Vary International Film Festival

Full Press Conference


The film [Anthropoid] opened the 51st Karlovy Vary International Film Festival Friday night and at a press conference the following morning, two different reporters tried to get something out of Dornan on the ‘Fifty Shades’ sequel, “Fifty Shades Darker.” The 34-year-old actor wasn’t having it as he kindly remarked, “I won’t talk about that project, because I’m not here to talk about that project.”

In “Anthropoid” Dornan plays Jan Kubis, a Czech exile that joined British Special Operations when the Nazis took over his homeland. He returned alongside Josef Gabcík (Cillian Murphy) on a covert mission to assassinate top Nazi Reinhard Heydrich, better known as The Butcher of Prague. Dornan says his decision to take the part in the prestige film wasn’t part of some grand plan he came up with following ‘Fifty Shades.’

“I don’t really view my career in that way that I’ve done this type of film or that I have to do that type of film,” Dornan says. “You’re drawn to the projects for a variety of reasons. Usually the script and a director being sort of key and a character you can relate to or bring something interesting to it. Regardless of what my project had been before ‘Anthropoid’ I would have done it. If I had done another movie about the Second World War just before I still would have done it just because I loved the script. I had just seen [Ellis’ previous film] ‘Metro Manila’ about three weeks before I was sent the script. I was desperate to work with Sean. That is what informed my decision rather than any previous work.”

Reviews for “Anthropoid” have been mixed (this writer gave it a B), and local press had some tough questions for the panel during the presser. At one point Dornan was incredulously asked whether the actions his character takes in the picture could encourage more terrorist-like acts throughout the world.

“The idea that this movie encourages suicide terrorism I think is pretty outlandish and pretty ridiculous to be honest,” Dornan says. “We made a movie about trying to stick to the facts as much as possible. People that were willing to die for their country and that’s something people still hold today in certain conflicts, but in terms of promoting that or glamorizing that I think that’s nonsense.”

Ellis, a British filmmaker who earned an Oscar nomination for his 2004 short “Cashback,” co-wrote the film’s screenplay and spent a good deal of time attempting to include as much historical detail in the storyline as possible. As you’d expect with an event that means so much to an entire country he inevitably found himself having to defend his choices.

“When you are doing a piece based on historical events you’re a detective in some respects and you are getting these key witnesses together and reading different viewpoints of a certain event,” Ellis says. “Obviously, you get different perspectives on that and there were conflicting reports on the operation. I think as someone who is going to author a new version of it you have to go with a feeling of what you feel would be the best representation for a piece of entertainment or a drama, not a documentary. In some respects you say, ‘Well, O.K., that event is kind of interesting but this is a conflicting view.’ So, you decide what avenue you need to take and you make a decision. It’s my version of it in that sense.”

He also tried to provide some perspective on why having a foreigner direct a story of such historical importance to one country can often can end up being a good thing.

“It’s an incredible story and [especially] for the Czech people because it’s part of your culture or history,” Ellis says. “I live in London, but I’ve never been up the Shard or I’ve never been to the British Museum, which is criminal really. But I know when you are in it sometimes you don’t see it or you’re blinded by it. So sometimes it does take an outsider to come in and point something out. For me I was completely in love with this story and was obsessed with it and just wanted to know how these people felt in that time.”

Murphy was notably absent from the proceedings as he’s just begun filming Christopher Nolan’s “Dunkirk” (Ellis joked that Murphy was evacuating British troops from Dunkirk beach as he spoke). Dornan, on the other hand, didn’t seem to mind having the celebrity spotlight to himself.

“I don’t really mind where the fans are from, but the Czech people have been brilliant,” Dornan says. “I felt we got a really impassioned [response] to the movie last night from the Czech audience and I think that thrilled all of us. I am very warmed by the reception the movie has got instead of just me.”