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Jamie in Grazia Italy (February 2015)

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Everything I’ve learned from Mr. Grey.

Do you recognize Jamie Dornan? He was the guy posing half naked in his underwear for a very prestigious brand and now, he is going to hit the screen as the lead male of Fifty Shades of Grey, as the dominant and transgressive Christian Grey. Although, before the movie he knew nothing about sex toys.

I’ve known Jamie Dornan for years without even knowing who he truly was. I’ve seen him, a beautiful and sexy man, for years on Calvin Klein’s stands either in his underwear, tight jeans or showing his torso. Sometimes there was even Kate Moss with him, holding onto his shoulders, or the actress Eva Mendes was hugging him, covered up with oil. To me, he was just the image of a perfect body. This unknown man (at least, until a year ago) is now the man of the moment. Jamie Dornan, 32, is the lead male of the movie adaptation of the book Fifty Shades of Grey, trilogy that sold more than 100 million copies all over the world, and the fans have already set the date to see the movie: 12th February, in Italy.

“I’ve seen Jamie for the first time in 2013, when he played Paul Spector in the The Fall,” the author or the book and movie producer, E.L. James, says. “We still didn’t started the casting process but as soon as I laid my eyes on him, I knew he would have been a great candidate. You can deny his beauty, but what truly got me, was how intense he was. When he is on screen, you can’t take your eyes off him.” 

Little recap for those who are not familiar with the story. Anastasia Steele, Ana is 21 one (played by Dakota Johnson) meets Christian Grey, 27. He had a rough life but he managed to create an empire. He has money, control, power but he is also a bit lunatic. She is insecure, about to graduate from College, doesn’t feel pretty enough and she is not good with men. Christian asks Ana to sign a contract regarding their relationship, everything involves around his role as a dominant and hers as a submissive. Grey seduces Ana with the help of some erotic games and they have sex. Over and over again. He spanks her, she cries and falls for him. He also discovers a new part of himself.

 It was not easy to find a Christian Grey that could please millions of fans. Charlie Hunnam, the first actor chosen, backed down before the filming began. All the fans of the book thought he was no good for the role; he was too blonde, wild, with a strong jawline and here came Jamie Dornan, without even knowing the books. “To get ready for the role I met an expert, some sort of guru. He showed me all the tricks because I had no idea what to do at the beginning, they’ll be useful in my life!” he said in an interview. “There is also a special technique to use a crop, at first I was terrible at it but at the end I got the hand of it. it’s kind of like fly fishing.” 

 How did it feel during the shooting? You know, shooting all these sex scenes. “While we were shooting it felt like we were on some sort of dangerous with a sadomasochist couple that is having fun. It was all very funny and light though, nothing dark about it. We laughed a lot.” Jamie Dornan also says he has an open mind regarding this matter. “Whoever likes this stuff, they can do it. Everyone has its own desires and needs but please don’t say that they are not consensual. They are always consensual and most of the time, the man is the submissive,” he says. “And whoever think this is exacting…he couldn’t be more wrong. While you are doing this, you are surrounded by ten people with lights, microphones and whatever is needed. It can be erotic if you like to be watched during sex, it’s just not my case.” 

 If you are planning to go to see the movie just to see Jamie naked, think again because you will be disappointed. “My contract said the viewers would not be seeing everything.” Moreover, whoever told Jamie how other actors went full frontal, like Ewan McGregor, he replied laughing: “Maybe Ewan is well hung.” Now we are wondering how explicit this movie will be. “It’s not explicit like the book is,” producer Michael De Luca said. The goal is to pull the viewers in, not to shock them. One of the most discussed scene, the tampon on, will not be present in the movie.

 How many of you, raise your hand, would have given your husband the green light to shoot such a movie? Dornan has a wife, singer Amelia Warner, 32. How did she took the news? “She understand this is just work but I don’t think we will be seeing the movie at home many times,” the actor replies.

When filming began, Amelia was pregnant and the baby, whose name hasn’t been revealed yet, is now fourteen months old. “I have a very normal life. I have married the most comprehensive woman I have ever known and I have a little girl. All of this helps me to keep my feet on the ground,” he explains.

Dornan was born and raised in a small city on the north of Ireland, and he is the youngest of three children. His father is a gynecologist and his mother was an obstetrician, that had the misfortune to catch cancer when he was just 14. “It was a tragic moment of my life,” he says. “But knowing there was no cure helped us, it didn’t gave us fake hopes. When she died, I was just 16 and it was horrible. I was angry and I still am sometimes too, but my father helped me to accept the bad things that happens in life and move on. Although, this tragedy still comes at me in waves sometimes.” 

After his mother’s death, Jamie went to college in Belfast, playing rugby, which is where he shaped his body that gave him the nickname Golden Torso. He was noticed by an agency and he soon became one of the most paid male models. “It was not an exciting job,” he says. “But I would have been a fool to say no. I was just 20 and they gave me tons of money to just rest my back on a white wall and look a bit depressed.” 

Thanks to a campaign, he met Keira Knightley, whom he dated for two years. He also had relationships with Sienna Miller, the model Kate Moss and pop star Lindsay Lohan. The director Sofia Coppola gave him a role in the movie Marie Antoinette but unfortunately, his role didn’t impress anyone.

Fifty Shades of Grey is Jamie’s first real chance to show he is just not just a pretty face - apparently he still doesn’t understand how sexy he is. “I don’t think I’ve ever noticed,” he says. “At school no one cared about me, I had no luck with girls. I looked younger than my age, no one ever considered me.” 

Well, I guess now it’s all backwards. Get ready Jamie because after seeing this movie, women will start chasing you.

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