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Scans: Jamie in Grazia Magazine (2006) - New/Old Interview and Pictures

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(a part of the interview is missing since we couldn't read that part)

Bad news, girls. Jamie Dornan is in love. Her name is Macy, and they’ve been together over a year. "She’s beautiful," he breathes in his soft Belfast lilt. "But, on rainy days like today, she isn’t much fun." Sorry? "She’s only got a soft top so she’ll be flooded." Panic over, he’s talking about his 1988 Mercedes Benz, a car he named after singer Macy Gray ("I always call cars names beginning with the same letter as the brand," he explains). But it would be no surprise if Jamie, 24, had been snapped up by a beautiful woman. Since his relationship with Keira Knightley ended last year, he’s been linked to Kate Moss, Sienna Miller and Lindsay Lohan. In fact, Jamie is the boy to watch: he’ll shortly appear with Kate in the new Calvin Klein campaign, stars in Sofia Coppola’s new film Marie Antoinette and, as if that wasn't enough, the band he started with childhood friend David Alexander, Sons of Jim, has just released its first single. We’re at a house in a posh part of South London where Grazia is shooting Jamie and David.


...after featuring in talent show Model Behaviour, Jamie dropped out London, getting contracts for Calvin Klein and he met Keira on an Asprey shoot. They fell in love with each other there for two years before a painful, public split. At the time he was open about why it fell apart, citing his struggle with her sudden success - and bigger bank balance. "The man is meant to be the alpha in the relationship, and clearly I was not," he said, though he says now it was meant as a joke. "There’s been a lot of nonsense talked about it," adds David loyally. 

OK, so what about all these other women he’s been linked to? (He was spotted with Sienna in London in March, dined at London’s Dorchester with Kate and was seen with Lindsay last month in New York.) "I’ve met them, but that’s it," insists Jamie. "If you’re seen talking to someone then, according to the tabloids, you’re dating them. Even if they’re not single, which is upsetting. Imagine what their partner thinks when he reads that. But it’s amazing the people who believe it. I’ve even had friends who know me quite well ring up saying, 'Why didn’t you tell me you’re going out with Kate Moss?' Well, because I’m not!"

In fact, Jamie, who’s currently single, says he’s not much of a smooth-talker, let alone a serial dater of celebrity beauties. "The truth? I’m really shy when it comes to women. If I get on well with someone, and we’re making each other laugh, people think that’s flirting, but I just see it as a conversation. And I very, very rarely start it." But of Kate Moss he says: "It was brilliant working with her. She’s the best model in the world, an absolute legend. And she’s great fun."

This autumn we’ll also see Jamie make his film debut, starring opposite Kirsten Dunst in Marie-Antoinette. He plays Axel von Fersen, Swedish ambassador to the court and Marie-Antoinette’s lover. His main passion, however, is clearly music and he and David are working on their first album — their music is folksy with a rock edge. Success seems assured for Sons of Jim and, of course, it helps that Jamie is already one of the most desired men in Britain. "Desired by who?" he says, embarrassed. "Er, that sounds... interesting." He stops, rubs the table with his fingers while a blush creeps across his cheeks, laughs some more, then finally decides to accept the compliment. "I don’t think it’s true, but it’s nice. In fact, yes, I’ll take that."

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Jeremy Irvine Mentions Jamie

Do you feel there's a degree of exploitation in having been so exposed on screen? Do you think, with recent films like 50 Shades of Grey, and the popularity of things like Poldark, that voyeurism is shifting towards the male form?

I’m really angry at people like Jamie Dornan – what happened to the old days? We’re not meant to have 8 packs! Jamie Dornan and all the others have ruined it for the rest of us, by having such incredible physiques. I’m not built like that. It was a lot of work to get that way.

But here’s the thing: I think it's annoying when there’s no point to it, when you think, why is he built like that? But for this film, the character had to be this outdoor rock-climbing guy. My stunt double was – literally – the character I was playing. The minute we finished filming, he’d be off again rock climbing. And how he looked was how I had to look for the character. So if it’s for the character fine, if it’s for just the sake of vanity then nah, it's just not worth it.


Full and Colored Version of Old Fan Picture (January 2015)

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Great New/Old HQ Tagged Pictures from 'Fifty Shades of Grey' Berlin Premiere

First Look at 'Anthropoid'


From Screen Daily
Principal photography has begun in the Czech Republic on Anthropoid, a Second World War thriller starring Jamie Dornan (50 Shades Of Grey) and Cillian Murphy (Inception) from Metro Manila director Sean Ellis. 
New cast members to sign up to the production include Toby Jones (Infamous), Harry Lloyd (The Theory of Everything), Bill Milner (X-Men: First Class, Son of Rambow), Alena Mihulova and Sam Keeley. 
They join Dornan, Murphy, Charlotte Le Bon (Yves Saint Laurent) and Anna Geislerová (Something Like Happiness). 
The film is based on the true story of two Czech soldiers - played by Dornan and Murphy - sent to assassinate the head of the SS in 1941. 
SS General Reinhard Heydrich was second only to Himmler and Hitler in the Third Reich’s hierarchy and main architect for the ‘Final Solution’. 
Director Ellis will also handle cinematography and co-wrote the script with Anthony Frewin (Colour Me Kubrick: A True…ish Story). 
Ellis said: “This has been a 14-year journey to get Anthropoid to the screen. I’m incredibly proud and happy to finally tell this important story about Czech resistance during World War II.” 
Anthropoid is produced by LD Entertainment (Risen, The Grey). ICM Partners packaged the film and will be handling the North American sale with UTA. 
Altitude Film Sales is managing international sales.


New/Old BTS Picture from 'Fifty Shades of Grey' + Original Versions of Old Stills

New BTS Picture


Old Stills

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New UHQ Picture from 'Fifty Shades of Grey' Promo Shoot



Guy Farley to Score 'Anthropoid'

From Film Score Monthly
Later this year, Guy Farley will reunite with director Sean Ellis (Cashback, The Broken, Metro Manila) to score his upcoming WW2 thriller ANTHROPOID about the assassination of Reinhard Heydrich. The movie just began shooting last week in Prague's Barrandov studios as well as several historical locations all over Prague, where the actual events took place in 1941. The movie will feature international cast including Cillian Murphy, Jamie Dornan, Toby Jones as well as several Czech actors. 

New Pictures of Jamie and Cillian Murphy Training for 'Anthropoid' in Prague (July 15)