Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Gillian Anderson Talks About Jamie with Cosmopolitan

Also, everyone has issues — Paul has mommy issues. What was it like to finally shoot with Jamie in the interrogation room?

Well, it was kind of momentous because it was all leading up to it. When I read it as a scene, all 11.5 pages of it, I felt like it was a good climax. Jamie and I both approached it in the same way. We were both completely prepared with our lines and I don't think we ever asked for a line off camera or had to stop. We just did however many takes we needed … it was almost like the words were already inside us. Because we hadn't worked together, we were watching each other in the same way the characters were watching each other.

Have you read Fifty Shades of Grey?

I haven't, so whether that influences the second part of your question or not, I have not.

Well, given your own experience with fandom early in your career, and now having worked so closely with Jamie just as he's having this big moment of his own: What makes you saddest for him and what makes you happiest for him?

Well, I think his level of fan fame is already on a completely different level than my fan fame was.


It is. It's gotten stratospheric and I think that he has a great perspective on it all. That is part of who he is as a human being, and what people find most interesting and attractive in him, and I guess my hope for him is that he doesn't lose that. As long as he keeps that, then he'll have a big enough distance from all the bullshit that he'll be able to stay true to himself and his family.


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