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Jamie and Dakota on the Cover of Cine Premiere Magazine Mexico - Interview + Scans + New Pictures

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Interview - Jamie's part

(Translated by @mestpa & via)

It was a lot of controversy about who should play Christian Grey. How is that you got the role? 

Well series of events happened, some a little weird because they wanted me from the very beginning and then they chose somebody else, and then suddenly they wanted me back. So I guess finally they chose me because Universal, Focus and Sam thought I was the right one for the role. 

But why do you think they finally choose you?  

Its hard to answer that without being an arrogant. I think maybe they liked my audition that I was the best at it….I don’t know, it was their decision so you´ll have to ask them. 

What did you provide from yourself to Christian Grey? 

You always need to have a connection with the roles you play and there was a lot of aspects about him I could use. I don’t know I just can tell that I try my best to make an honest portrait of my vision of the character. I think Grey it’s a misunderstood guy indeed I think that nobody can really get to know him because he doesn’t aloud this emotional closeness…is someone really particular it has features of a superhero and that kind of power is not achievable by everyone. He is a really mysterious man just know by some people and there are just a few pictures of him. He is an enigma, a very trouble man, I don’t think he is really happy at all. I focused on all this to play him because it’s a part I like to explore. It’s a very complex character who has a hard time dealing with the details of daily life he needs to make things work in certain ways he needs to have control on everything and feels uncomfortable whe he doesn’t. 

Have you read the books before the film project?

The truth is I didn’t. I read it until I began to develop the idea that I could be the one playing Grey. 

What do you think of someone like Anastasia? Don’t you think is too innocent to be a woman living in the twenty-first century?  

I think indeed Grey falls because of her innocence, because he cant believe there is a 23 year old woman and a virgin and that she has this clean and honest perspective of life. These aspects make her at the end fit perfectly in the submissive role. I think he falls with her because non one has ever make him feel the way she does. In fact he breaks many of his rules to make the relationship work and eventually there are a lot of things that makes him change his ways. I think its her who puts him upside down. 

Do you think a story like this could happen in real life?  

I think it belongs to the fantasy I mean do you know someone like Christian Grey; no right? In my opinion that’s why people likes him and that’s why I insist it’s a character difficult to relate to because is unreachable, impossible to get to know. I see it as a sort of Bruce Wayne: its an exaggerated idea of what a man can do but that doesn’t exist in real life. So I think its fine if the story is hard to believe. 

What comes first good sex or true love? 

If you have the latest one then the first comes by itself. Yes I think it is definitely necessary to have the true love first.

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