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Old Outtakes from Vogue Hommes International (Fall/Winter 2009)

Jamie in 2014 Popsugar 100 List

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We've curated the top celebrities of the year, taking into account their most recent career successes, social media followings, awards and nominations, and other milestones, as well as your votes and reactions. With all that data, we're ready to reveal the stars, from music and movies to TV and politics, who make up the 2014 POPSUGAR 100. 

50. Jamie Dornan

Made his debut on the POPSUGAR 100 this year

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Emmett Scanlan Talks About 'The Fall' and Jamie

*The interview was published back in April. The Fall was a massive hit last year, and you’ll be returning to the role for Season Two. Can you give us any hints as to what viewers can expect?

Emmett Scanlan: The Fall was another show that I knew I had to be part of. The scripts were beautiful... I didn't care what part I got I just knew I had to get a part. I wanted to help tell Allan's (Cubitt, Programme Creator) story. It came straight after Oaks and DC Glen Martin was the complete antithesis to Brendan Brady. It was a perfect next step. I’m so humbled to have been part of it, to continue to be part of it.

At the moment I'm filming the second season. 6 episodes. I think the scripts are even better than last years, which is saying something. Cubitt is a genius. And producers Julian (Stevens) and Gub (Neal) magnetic. This was never going to be a one series show. The fact it was so popular and we get to continue telling this story is a f**king blessing. There's a great atmosphere on set. After the IFTA wins and BAFTA nominations, it feels like being part of something really special. To be fair it has always felt like that. What is it like working with the legend that is Gillian Anderson?

ES: I'm filming all this week with Gillian. She's f**king wonderful to watch. Effortless. Experienced. She doesn't have an off day. Same can’t be said for me... I'm learning. Every day. And that’s all I can ever ask for. But I need to learn faster and there’s no better actor to learn from. And is Jamie Dornan really THAT handsome in real life?

ES: Is Jamie really that handsome?? What type of f**king question is that?? You asking me or Brendan Brady?? On a scale of 1 to Jamie, I give myself a 2… I blame my parents...

Jamie is a top bloke. A Man United fan, a father and is riding the wave to stardom... Richly deserved. Why? Because he takes risks... You can't lose if you take risks. Regardless of the outcome.

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Possible Air Date for 'The Fall' Season 2

From The Sun - Saturday TV Magazine

According to this article 'The Fall' Season 2 will be aired on BBC2 in September.

@neverdontgiveup via @TheFALLFans

There is no official statement yet.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

New/Old Fan Picture of Jamie (June 10, 2014)

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Jamie with 'The Fall' producer Julian Stevens.

Thanks to Daniel C.

Eloise Mumford Talks About 'Fifty Shades of Grey' and Mentions Jamie

EOnline - Eloise Mumford, who plays Anastasia Steele's roommate (you know, the one who sends Ana in her place to interview Christian Grey because she's sick), says director Sam Taylor-Johnson is handling everything just right.

"She's such a great director," Mumford told me yesterday while promoting her action flick, Drones (in theaters and on VOD and iTunes on Friday, June 27). "I knew right away it would be tasteful and artistic. And the cinematographer is Seamus McGarvey. He did Anna Karenina. It's going to be beautiful."

She added, "In the end, the story really is a romance and a love story so it's about that more than anything."

Mumford stayed mum on specific details. "I wish I could, but as you know, we've all been sworn to secrecy," she said.

However, we're happy to report that Mumford said Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan were "the perfect pair to play Ana and Christian."

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Aoibhin Garrihy Talks About Jamie - Dublin beauty Aoibhinn Garrihy enjoyed working with Jamie Dornan in 'The Fall' but rather than being impressed with his heartthrob status, it was his dedication to the job she admired.

The former Fair City actress landed a role in the hit Belfast based thriller and worked alongside the 'Fifty Shades of Grey' star.

Asked about working with the Northern Ireland hunk, the Trinity graduate told the Herald: "Jamie's a great actor and such a hard worker.  He filmed 'Fifty Shades' and 'The Fall' back to back so he has been working around the clock."

Monday, June 23, 2014

Sara Kiersten Quin from Tegan and Sara Mentions Jamie

Question: Who is your celebrity man crush?
SKQ (Sara Kiersten Quin): Currently...Jamie Dornan!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Jamie Supports Heartbeat NI Organization (May 27th)

Heartbeat NI: "Tedwina met her idol today - Jamie Dornan aka Paul Spector of The Fall and Christian Grey of Fifty Shades of Grey. She loved the cuddle she got." 


About Heartbeat-NI:
"Hearbeat-NI is a parent-led Northern Ireland voluntary charity. We support Clark Clinic at the Royal Belfast Hospital for Sick Children, the paediatric cardiac unit for the province. We also support the provision of an MRI Scanner for the Children's Hospital and will contribute financially towards this.
Our aims are to provide emotional and practical support to families who have children with heart conditions, and to raise awareness of congenital and acquired heart disease in children. Over 200 babies are born with a heart problem each year in Northern Ireland and one third of these children are sufficiently ill to require investigation and/ or surgery. We have a support network of parents throughout the province who can be contacted at any time."

You can make donation to Heartbeat NI Organization HERE

New/Old Pictures of Jamie on 'The Fall' Set (May 27th) + Article

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Outlook News - Hollywood glamour comes to harbour

Hearts were set aflutter last week in Annalong, as heart-throb Jamie Dornan caused waves at the harbour.
The Northern Irish-born award-winning actor was filming scenes for the second series of television drama, The Fall.

Also starring X-Files actress Gillian Anderson as Stella Gibson, the BBC drama had viewers on the edge of their seats when it was broadcast last year.

Jamie plays Paul Spector, a serial killer who is terrorising Belfast, but also leads a double life as a committed family man and bereavement counsellor.

First Official Still of Jamie as Christian Grey!

@FiftyShades: "Happy Birthday Christian Grey #FiftyShades"


Rachel Skarsten Joins 'Fifty Shades of Grey'

According to IMDb Canadian actress Rachel Skarsten plays Christian Grey's personal assistant Andrea in 'Fifty Shades of Grey'.

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HQ Untagged Pictures of Jamie at Calvin Klein Jeans Private Dinner for Kate Moss (April 10, 2006)

Jamie for NY Times T Style Men's Fall Fashion (September 2013) - Pictures + Interview

The Hollywood Reporter's 'Flying Home' Review

THR - "Fifty Shades of Grey" lead Jamie Dornan stars in this romantic drama from Oscar-nominated Belgian director Dominique Deruddere.

A slick wolf of Wall Street finds himself in a grimy pigeon loft in rural Flanders in Flying Home, an English-language feature from Oscar-nominated Belgian director Dominique Deruddere.

A film that plays like a Lasse Hallstrom adaptation of a Nicholas Sparks novel, except that neither Hallstrom nor Sparks were involved in any capacity, this classically confectioned melodrama is noteworthy mainly because it offers former Calvin Klein model and future Fifty Grades of Grey star Jamie Dornan his first romantic lead role, which should be enough to attract the interest of smart niche distributors who could time the film’s release to coincide with the avalanche of publicity that Dornan’s involvement in Grey is bound to generate. In its native Flanders, it made a tidy if not spectacular $500,000 when it was released last April.

Competitive pigeon racing in rural Belgium may sound like an unlikely background for a transatlantic, mostly English-language romance but Deruddere finds just the right angle to make it fly. Appropriately, the film opens high up in the clouds, in a private plane that carries Colin (Dornan), a Wall Street whiz kid, to a Middle Eastern emirate, where he'll to try to convince a sheik (Ali Suliman) to invest his billions in a fund run by Colin’s firm rather than that of a rival’s. The oil billionaire has already decided to go with the competition but, as Deruddere slyly suggests, a potentially lucrative business deal is much more important to Colin than sex with a nameless Barbie doll in his fancy, all-glass apartment overlooking a New York skyline (clearly added in post-production).