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Jamie on the cover of DT Downtown Magazine (Spain - February 2015) - New Pictures + New Interview

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(Translated by @FannyNoSe)

What do you think about the book?

The first time I knew they were going to do this movie I didn't think I could be a part of it. But I thought this could be a good oportunity so I recorded a video in London with a scene of another movie and I sent it. When I finally read the book, I thought I could play this guy.

What do you think Dakota brings to Ana’s character? 

I didn’t know her before filming this movie, but the first time I saw her I noticed it. She is young and she has a vulnerability that is very credible, but also she is very strong and that makes her interpretation to be very realistic. At the same time, she is very funny so she is perfect for this role. There is a lot of humor in the books/film. 

What was your greatest concern when playing this character? 

I think that it was the fact that I only have one month to prepare myself before starting shooting the movie. That’s not enough to play the leading role of this type of huge film. 

 This should be a great challenge for the actor… 

Yes, because he has a very complex character with so many different sides. And also, you should add his specific physical appearance and the way he keeps fit. 

What was your reaction when you knew you were going to be Christian Grey? 

I remember I was very tired. I just came back home from LA. My wife was sleeping upstairs but I was awake because I knew they were going to call me that night -I didn't know the hour-. Later, Sam called me and I found it really amazing. 

What can you say about Sam Taylor Johnson? 

She is wonderful, she has became a very close friend to my wife and me. She has a very good quality that makes her an amazing director: she has the ability to create a comfortable atmosphere when filming “intense” scenes. 

How do you handle the pressure to bring these famous books to the big screen? 

As there are millions of people who have read them, you feel that you’re working with a lot of different opinions. It’s difficult to not feel anxious and bring this feeling to the set. But Sam has the ability to make you forget everything and concentrate yourself in what is coming, doing the best we could do. I will be lying if I say I didn’t feel that pressure but at the same time I found it liberating. 


When we read a book, we have our own idea about how the characters are. 100 millions of people have read these books and it’s impossible to satisfy every single Christian Grey fan. I only tried to focus on doing the best I could. 

Do you see yourself in him? 

You always have to find something in common with the character you’re playing. Sometimes you have —or you know someone with- a similar experience… That is very difficult with Christian Grey because I don't know anyone like him. However, we both have suffered the loss of a loved  one. 

Do you see him as a villain? 

 I see him as a social misunderstood person that exerts himself to fit into society because of the kind of lives he wishes to lead. 

One of the most important characters in the book is Christian’s adoptive mother, played by Marcia Gay Harden. 

Yes, because she has only shown him love. Compared to his early age, she has given him a stable foundation for his life. Marcia is an incredible actress, I’m her fan. It’s amazing to work with her. She is very normal and doesn’t take things seriously but at the same time she knows how to get ready when starting shooting a scene. 

What can you say about Luke Grimes and Rita Ora, “the Grey’s brothers”? 

Luke is brilliant playing the role of a brother that has a relaxed attitude and enjoys having fun. Rita is also very funny. I think people will like them. 

How was the experience of shooting in Vancouver? 

 It’s my third job there so I’ve just spent one year of my life in Vancouver. It’s a great place that I know very well. Definitely, I’d like to work there again because the food is really good.

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