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New Fan Picture of Jamie at Heathrow Today

muscsw19: Me and Jamie Doran Mr. Fifty Shades of Grey himself!!! #fiftyshadesofgrey #jamiedoran #cabincrew #flightattendant #heathrowairport #hotman #fit

Monday, March 30, 2015

New Fan Pictures of Jamie in LA Today

karliz_24: "#jamiedornan came to my job today 💕💕😚😚😍😍 omg I am in love. #50shadesofgrey #mrgrey #latimes i love my job."

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LA Times Emmy Contender Live Chat - Video + Pictures

Live Emmy Contender Chat: Jamie Dornan of 'The Fall'


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RT @latimesent: "He's deeply troubled by events that happened to him when he's young... There's aspects that are already ingrained" re: "The Fall" character

RT @latimesent: "I tried to totally separate it." On playing Paul Spector interacting with his children on screen

RT @latimesent: "You'd really have to question a person who says, 'He's a great guy.'" - Dornan on Paul Spector

RT @latimesent: Dornan: "We pinned a lot" on hopes for getting a second season (which they did)! #TheFall

RT @latimesent: "I'll probably put that on my CV." - Dornan on learning Madonna binge-watches the show

RT @latimesent: "He's someone who prides himself on being so clinical... That he leaves no stone unturned." - Dornan on Spector #TheFall

RT @latimesent: Do you think Spector wanted to be caught? "No." #TheFall

RT @latimesent: "The arrogance of these guys is unbelievable." - Dornan on serial killers #TheFall

RT @latimesent: "He'll let us do what we think is right." - Dornan on #TheFall's director trusting the actors 

RT @latimesent: "I was trying to convey a lot of things... Like the look you give right before you kiss someone." - Dornan on shooting the finale scene

RT @latimesent: "I'm a huge fan of Gillian Anderson." - Jamie Dornan #TheFall

RT @latimesent: "It was my favorite day I've ever had." - Dornan on shooting the final scene 

RT @latimesent: "I'm not a method actor, at all... I guess you can't be for this role." - Dornan #TheFall

RT @latimesent: "I followed a woman off the train one day, just to see what it was like... Then I was like, 'what am I doing?'" - Dornan #TheFall

RT @latimesent: "There is a blooper reel. You'll probably never see it." - Dornan on funny outtakes from #TheFall

RT @latimesent: "We're very comfortable with each other." - Dornan on working with the actress who plays Katie on #TheFall

RT @latimesent: "You find out a lot about yourself." - Dornan on shooting murder scenes on #TheFall

RT @latimesent: "You're eternally changed by having a baby." - Dornan on becoming a father between s1 and s2 #TheFall

RT @latimesent: "Don't even make me think of that!" - Dornan on thinking of his daughter while playing Spector #TheFall

RT @latimesent: "It takes its toll... I feel somewhat altered and maybe scarred a little, from playing Spector." -Dornan #TheFall

RT @latimesent: "I'm dying to do something like that." - Dornan on when we'll see him in something more light-hearted

RT @latimesent: "I definitely want to do something lighter. It's not hard to get lighter than 'The Fall!'" - Dornan

RT @latimesent: "I'm a feminist at heart, and I'm totally aware of why people have an issue with this show." - @JamieDornan 

RT @latimesent: "Hopefully nothing... Beard?" - Dornan on what he has in common with Paul Spector #TheFall

RT @latimesent: "Having to treat women that way. Also the running." -Dornan on the hardest parts of doing the show #TheFall

RT @latimesent: Third season of #TheFall starts filming just before Christmas, says @JamieDornan

RT @latimesent: That's all for our @JamieDornan Emmy chat. Thanks for tuning in!

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New/Old Outtake from Esquire UK Photoshoot (2012)



Source: @FiftyShades_ru

Mark Strong Joins 'Jadotville' Cast

The Hollywood Reporter - Mark Strong has revealed that he will be joining Fifty Shades of Grey star Jamie Dornan in upcoming war thriller Jadotville.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter on the sidelines of the Empire Awards on Sunday, the actor said that he had "signed up" for the film, which was acquired by Netflix at the Berlin Film Festival. Set in 1961, the plot centers on the real-life siege of an Irish UN battalion by 3,000 Congolese troops, led by French and Belgian mercenaries working for mining companies.

"There’s a real fashion at the moment for real-life based on or inspired by real events," said Strong, who added that he was also looking at a project about the 1980 Iranian embassy siege in London. While he didn’t confirm, the project could be XYZ’ Films’ upcoming action-thriller 6 Days, due to go into production later this year and being directed by Toa Fraser.
"I’m going to be playing Max Vernon, the negotiator," said Strong. Vernon was a chief inspector with the London police during the six-day siege that ended in a deadly 17-minute raid by British special forces.

New Fan Picture of Jamie from Los Angeles (March 29th)


via @JamieDornan_TR

New Pictures of Jamie at Emmy Edition of Variety Studio: Actors on Actors (March 29th)



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Saturday, March 28, 2015

New/Old Pictures of Jamie at 'The Fall' Season 2 Wrap Party (June 2014)


"Fun times on #TheFall #JamieDornan @bronaghwaugh #ThrowBackSaturday"

@bronaghwaugh: "Throwback to the #WrapParty for #TheFall 2.... Can't wait for Season 3!! #Family @JamieDornan @juliandstevens" 

Friday, March 27, 2015

'Jadotville' Advisor John Gorman Talks About Movie Project

Westmeath Independent - Netflix has acquired the rights to the highly anticipated Jadotville film starring Jamie Dornan.

The war thriller, co-starring French star Guillaume Canet, is due to begin shooting in Ireland and South Africa next month and is set to premiere on the web streaming service in 2016.

Based on the book of the same name by Declan Power, the film details the controversial 1961 siege where 150 Irish UN troops in the Congo, who were mainly from Athlone, were attacked by 3,000 troops loyal to the Katangese Prime Minister Moise Tshombe.

Dornan will play the Athlone-based Comdt Patrick Quinlan and Canet will play a French commander.

The Irish troops bravely fought the rebels, led by French and Belgian mercenaries working for mining companies, for a total of six days until their ammunition and supplies had been exhausted and Comdt Quinlan took the decision that they could not continue without loss of life.

On arrival home, however, those who fought in Jadotville and were kept as prisoners for a month afterwards, were made to feel inferior in the army.

Horseleap resident John Gorman, who fought in the siege of Jadotville, and has led a longstanding campaign for those who were there to be recognised by the army, said he is delighted the story is heading for the silver screen.

He is set to act as an advisor on the production, which is due to begin filming in mid-April.

“I started the whole thing (to get Jadotville soldiers recognised) I suppose, so it’s wonderful closure to it with a film,” Mr Gorman enthused this week.

“It’s starting in mid-April and that’s not far away. It’s being filmed in Ireland and South Africa. I’ll just help out in whatever way I can,” the former soldier said of his advisor role, adding that people laughed at him when he said many years ago that the story would end up on the silver screen and now it is, which is brilliant for the survivors of Jadotville and their families.

He previously said many of those who fought in Jadotville died young and those who lived on endured 50 years of suffering until they were vindicated and recognised by former Defence Minister, Willie O’Dea.

New/Old Fan Picture of Jamie in Belgium (2012)

Click for full size

The picture was taken during filming of 'Flying Home' (aka 'Racing Hearts') in Belgium.

Jamie will be on Emmy Edition of 'Variety Studio: Actors on Actors'

Variety - Variety and PBS SoCaL will air the eighth installment of “Variety Studio: Actors on Actors,” the publication’s awards-season video series. The latest in the series will feature conversations between television actors who are contending for Emmy Awards.

“Some of the most brilliant and compelling names in television have gathered together to engage in one-on-one discussions about the art of acting,” said Claudia Eller, co-editor-in-chief of Variety. “With the success from our series debut in December 2014, we are excited to bring the Emmy Edition of ‘Variety Studio: Actors on Actors’ to the distinguished viewers of PBS.”

The Emmys edition will feature actors Kerry Washington, Jimmy Kimmel, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Jeffrey Tambor, Taraji P. Henson, Mindy Kaling, Conan O’Brien, Jessica Lange, Uzo Aduba, Gina Rodriguez, Michael Sheen, Jamie Dornan, Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson with Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein and many more.

Filming will take place on March 28 and 29 in Hollywood.

“We had a tremendous response to the premiere season of ‘Variety Studio: Actors on Actors,’ and our partnership with Variety has been terrific,” said Andy Russell, PBS SoCal general manager. “Working with one of the most respected entertainment industry publications, we’re excited to bring to PBS audiences a new season of great conversations and fascinating insights from some of the best actors on television today.”

The Emmy edition of “Variety Studio: Actors on Actors” will premiere at 7 p.m. June 14 on PBS SoCal, and will then be distributed to PBS stations across the country in July. A second episode airs at 7 p.m. on June 21. The interviews will also air on WNET/WLIW in New York and will stream on Variety.com beginning in June.

Emma Bunton from Spice Girls Mentions Jamie

Who would be your dream interviewee?

Emma Bunton (from Spice Girls and Heart Radio): Goldie Hawn definitely but there’s lots, it’s always good to have comedians on.

I recently had someone on who was fantastic and that was Jamie Dornan. I haven’t seen the film (Fifty Shades of Grey) yet, he came in literally the day it was coming out and he was amazing. Funny and charismatic and cute.

The whole office was excited about him coming in and he was everything we expected.


Victor Rasuk Mentions Jamie and Dakota

What was it like work with Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johson? And what do you think we're going to discover about them as actors through this movie?

Victor Rasuk: "I love Jamie and Dakota. They were super nice and serious about making a great story. I also have to mention our fantastic director, Sam Taylor-Johnson. I adore Sam; she gave us the freedom to discover new things while staying in the scene and I think that's rare to find in this business. Especially on such a big film."


Thursday, March 26, 2015

New Outtakes from The Guardian Photoshoot


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Old Outtake Now Bigger



Sam Taylor-Johnson Won't Direct 'Fifty Shades Darker'

Deadline - Sam Taylor-Johnson has made official what many suspected. She will not return for the second installment of the film franchise adaptation of E.L. James’ bestseller Fifty Shades Of Grey book trilogy for Universal.

In an exclusive statement to Deadline, Taylor-Johnson said that “Directing Fifty Shades of Grey has been an intense and incredible journey for which I am hugely grateful. I have Universal to thank for that. I forged close and lasting relationships with the cast, producers and crew and most especially, with Dakota and Jamie. While I will not be returning to direct the sequels, I wish nothing but success to whosoever takes on the exciting challenges of films two and three.”

This means Universal will next to find a new filmmaker to take over, after the first installment of the E.L. James book trilogy has already grossed over a half a billion at the worldwide box office. There is no word on a replacement helmer for Part II of the erotic romance series. Jamie Dornan will be back into the fold as billionaire Christian Grey and Dakota Johnson will return as Anastasia Steele. Each is under option deals for the next films. 

New Pictures of Jamie with Elton John, Aaron and Sam Taylor-Johnson (March 25)

samtaylorjohnson: "Today with Jamie. #jamiedornan"

: "Beautiful men @aarontaylorjohnson @jamiedornan @eltonjohn #saviors"

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'The Fall' Nominated for 2015 BAFTA Television Craft Awards

Television Craft | Editing - Fiction in 2015

Sherlock - Yan Miles
The Fall - Steve Singleton 
The Honourable Woman - Jason Krasucki
The Missing - Úna Ní Dhonghaíle

BAFTA Television Craft Awards ceremony will take place on April 26, 2015.