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New Interview of Jamie from Fotogramas Magazine (Spain) - February 2015


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Interview - Jamie's Part

(Translated by @FannyNoSe - Thanks for sending to us!)

The story is about…:  To her surprise, Anastasia -a naive virgin student- changes her living situation from end to end when meeting Christian Grey (Jamie Dornan) -a handsome and enigmatic multibillionaire- that sets his mind on her. Sooner, things went differently for Anastasia when they embarked on an unexpected love story.

Charlie Hunnam was replaced by Jamie Dornan, a Northern Irish model with impressively ripped abs and a short experience in movies -the fall, in which he plays a serial killer who ties up his victims, is his most famous job.

Sam Taylor-Johnson, Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson made their first public appearance before  the Berlin Premiere for Fifty Shades of Grey discovering the secrets behind the film to Fotogramas. 50 signs that shed light on the fifty shades of the most anticipated erotic movie of the year. Here they are…

 2. Jamie Dornan (Belfast, Northern Ireland 1982) didn’t read the book before getting the role. “I started reading it before the audition…” At this time, he has read the complete trilogy.

3. Who has not read it is his wife, English actress/singer Amelia Warner. “She has only skim the book… her friends have certainly read it” He says pouting.

5. When he was called in for the Christian Grey’s role audition, he reinterpreted an iconic scene from “True Romance” where Christian Slater meets Patricia Arquette.“It was difficult to perform it as Grey” He says.

7. Dornan assured that he has little in common with Christian. “I don’t like the cars or the fucking helicopter. I’m a free spirit, not a control freak. Hopefully, Sam and EL James thought I was the top contender for the role.”

10. Dornan and Grey have a tragic past in common. He lost his mother of pancreatic cancer when he was a teenager. Later, four friends died in a car crash.

14. Before signing up, Dornan signed a contract to ensure his “parts” won’t be shown.“Viewers wouldn’t see my todger” . However, as the director says: “We didn’t want to film that kind of movie. And hopefully we can always show a butt cheek of his”. She laughs.

18. How to obtain “a Grey body”? He complains about “With only 4 weeks before starting shooting, there is no more I could do”. He attributes it to have good genes and to be into sports. “I take them seriously. Sports let me be more competitive than I am in other areas.”

19. Both Johnson and Dornan “did their homework”. She spoke with two profesional submissive, and he spent a night with “Liam, a dominatrix that introduced his submissive to me. I needed to know about it.”

20. The Dornan’s warning to the Toys of Fifty Shades, “There’s nothing like a S&M survival kit. There’re thousand of different objects, everyone has a favorite.” Funny moments, “How to hold this?” says Dornan “It’s like playing golf, you’ve got many different clubs… but each one has a different function.”

22. To be a lover of sailing has helped Dornan to tie knots. Between this and the Fall series two "I’ve been tying women for 7 months." 

26. To put a blanket over them when they were naked didn’t work. “There’s nothing sexual on filming sex scenes. There are a lot of people, which isn’t how you usually have sex. Unless you like it.”

27. Unlike some other movies where the film crew get undressed as a sympathy with the actors, Dakota and Jamie where the only ones naked. "Who wants to see them (the crew) naked?" says Dornan.

30. Jamie Dornan’s favorite erotic movie is Badlands (Terrence Malick 1973). “Well, it’s my favorite film.”

31. For Dornan, the worst thing about being naked was the “modesty patch” to cover his private parts. “To start everyday putting your “parts” inside… it was not sensual”.

32. When filming, he was really stuffed “with shaving my beard. I fell naked without it. I miss the beard. After all, I hate shaving.”

33. His past as a model helped him when playing the role. “The difference is that I can’t lose the concentration or got serious.”

34. Dornan has posed with Eva Mendes and Rosie Hungtinton. Both shared the same humour.

35. Both Dakota and Jamie are clear about the idea of Grey as a superhero, a fantasy.

36. “You cannot be prepared to be this generation’s sex symbol. But this is better in my 30s than 20s. People will not believe it but I’ve been working for so long.”

37. “Women love Grey because of his prowers. A very attractive attribute.” Dornan says.

40. Why should a man watch Fifty Shades? “It may beneficial for both gender if you go and see that film.”
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