Friday, January 16, 2015

Jessie Ware Mentions Jamie

Jessie Ware may have just been nominated for best British Female Solo Artist at the 2015 Brit Awards but it was Fifty Shades of Grey that the singer was gushing over on Thursday night.
The Say You Love Me hitmaker features on the soundtrack for the upcoming S&M-fest, which is based on EL James’ x-rated books, and she revealed that she’s previously worked with the British author.

“It wasn’t Fifty Shades of Grey, it was straight before that,” she told Mirror Celeb on the red carpet at the Brit Awards nominations. “I’m a prude and I get very embarrassed.”

She continued: "I'm excited [about the film]. Everyone is going to see it, everyone's going to get tips.”

"I've been to one Brits I was petrified, I looked like a lost lamb,” she shared. “I met Jamie Dornan that night, actually, he was lovely."


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