Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Jamie Talks About 'Once Upon A Time'

For three seasons now since Sheriff Graham (Jamie Dornan) was killed by Regina (Lana Parrilla) on "Once Upon a Time," fans have been trying to invent ways to bring him back from the dead.

Unfortunately, Dornan himself seems to have given up that ghost. While promoting the second season of his Netflix crime thriller "The Fall" at the winter TV press tour, Dornan reveals the truth that "Oncers" don't want to accept.

"I don't know," he says about Graham's return. "He's kind of dead." 

That doesn't mean there's any sort of love lost between Dornan and the show. He loved his time there and the crew, but there was a prime opportunity to bring Graham back into the fold recently and it didn't happen.

"I love those guys, [creators] Adam [Horowitz] and Eddie [Kitsis]. They're like family," Dornan says. "I was actually filming something on the same lot as them just before Christmas." 

Dornan laughs when it's pointed out that being on the same lot means it shouldn't be too hard to hop on over -- but if he was there and they didn't make it work, it dilutes the chances of Graham making a Storybrooke return.

However, the current storyline on "Once Upon a Time" revolving around the author of the storybook could very easily allow for a Graham reappearance. Even if he isn't brought back to life, surely there's room for him in the upcoming flashbacks.

"There are ways and means," Dornan says, uplifting that hope just once more, but then he sidesteps. "It's something that I'm not that privy to."

Is there reason to keep hoping he'll come back? It seems it might be time to finally let Graham rest in peace.


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