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Jamie on the cover of Shortlist Magazine - Interview + Pictures (October 2013)

Jamie Dornan

Actor - Playing Northern Ireland's premiere serial killer can have its advantages. Following his startlingly electric performance  in the BBC's disturbing 2013 drama The Fall, Hollywood, California, is taking a serious interest in this product of Hollywood, Country Down. The once seriously in-demand is now a seriously in-demand actor. And there's more to come. Following in fellow Irishman and acting idol Michael Fassbender's footsteps, he's travelling back to the 1680s for the bold and bloody follow-up to The Devil's Whore, New Worlds (alongside Freya Mavor and Fellow Brit Lister Joe Dempsie).Then he's headed home to "fucking freezing" Belfast for a winter filming The Fall, but the most high-profile role he's landed is undoubtedly the lead in the much-hyped sex-fest Fifty Shades Of Grey. So lock up your girlfriends - he's going to be making sociopaths sexy for a long time.

You've made our Brit List, are you usually a winner?

Well its funny you bring it up, because yesterday my group of mates has a competition to define the best golfer of the year.  And I won. The prize was a top hat with "Champion Golfer Of The Year" on it. I woke up with a big smile on my face.

Were Spectro's sordid drawings in The Fall done by you?

I'm terrible at drawing. There are scenes when I'm trying to counsel Liz and Jimmy Tyler and I'm drawing her breasts, and all they wanted was a close-up of me doing the hair - I even ballsed that up. I was laughing so much I was shaking.

Is it hard to keep a straight face for something as dark as The Fall?

I found it too intense to stay in that headspace for too long. I'm a bit of a pranker. When it was the really brutal stuff, I had to lighten the mood. Gillian [Anderson, who plays Stella Gibson] is a real preanker. She's an extremely brilliant actress and commands respect, but she is silly in the loveliest way.

Game Of Thrones is filmed near The Fall. Fancy a role?

I've only actually seen one episode. There are very few actors who haven't been in it. If you're between 20 and 30 and you've got a beard, you'll probably get cast. I'm 31, so I don't even fall into that bracket. I can thankfully grow a decent enough beard.





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