Monday, May 26, 2014

Freya Mavor talks about Jamie and his character in 'New Worlds'

Channel4 - Beth is a bold character. She fights to get Abe to take her seriously and puts her life in danger by joining him and then has to survive huge turmoil and loss. What do you think drives her?

I think both the realisation that she has revolutionary blood in her and needs to follow through the ideals of her parents and also her love for Abe. Abe liberates her from her ignorance and emboldens her to challenge the world around her to discover and fight for what she believes in.

Beth and Abe share a very romantic love story. What was it like playing opposite Jamie Dornan?

One of Jamie’s brilliant traits is that he doesn’t take himself too seriously. He takes the job seriously but he made being on set so much fun and between heartbreaking scenes we could goof around which was really easy. We became great friends, which I think really helped us play Beth and Abe are not only in love but also see each other as comrades and support each other. And he is gorgeous which helps as well!

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