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Jamie's Interview with TV Times Magazine (March 29, 2014) 


To kill a king...

We talk to former model Jamie Dornan - star of the upcoming Fifty Shades of Grey movie - on the set of C4's epic 17th-century drama.

Jamie Dornan is currently one of showbiz's hottest names. After stopping hearts as the disturbingly alluring serial killer in last year's hit BBC2 drama The Fall, he's soon to get them racing again as the lead in the film adaptation of the book that shook the world, Fifty Shades of Grey.

Controversy seems to follow the Belfast-born-31-year-old - when TV Times sets eyes on him, he's in the middle of an attempt to assassinate a royal!

We look on nervously as the former Calvin Klein model - packing an impressive pistol for his role as dashing 1680s outlaw Abe Gough in C4's epic period drama New Worlds - closes in on King Charles II (played by Jeremy Northam).

It's no spoiler for anyone with a working knowledge of the Restoration period to reveal that Jamie's attempt at regicide isn't succesful.

"Annoyingly, the failure to kill the king is written in the script, which is a real shame," grins Jamie when filming is completed for the day.

"The King was well within range and Abe is a good shot. But yes, history is against us. It was an important scene to get right, though, and very tricky in this costume. It's not just all the hair extensions, it's the layers. When you're getting your costumes fitted and trying everything on, you're like, 'Can I try the hat as well? And that extra tunic?'."

"I love the character, and to play someone so passionate about something and who has such a definite reason to be doing, is refreshing. This role really stood out; it feels very special. I also have a pregnant wife at the moment, so I really wanted to be in the UK. That makes sense to me," continues Jamie, who, along with his wife, singer-songwriter Amelia Warner, has since become a proud parent to a daughter.

New Worlds is a sequel to 2008's The Devil's Whore (which starred John Simm, Maxine Peake, Peter Capaldi and Michael Fassbender) but this four-part drama has been crafted by Peter Flannery and Martine Brant as stand-alone piece and is set two decades later.

Life Choice

Following the English Civil War of 1642-1651, a new breed of revolutionary is intent on overthrowing the restored monarchy. We also see the original idealists, who beheaded Charles I, starting afresh across the Atlantic.

"Abe has already made a life choice to be an outlaw. His idealistic view of the world is that there shouldn't be a monarchy in place if it's tyrannical." explains Jamie. "There's a community of people who live in the woods and I guess he's the leader."

Since filming wrapped, Jamie has shot the hugely anticipated Fifty Shades of Grey - a role he says he couldn't turn down. "Millions of people have read the book, which is quite daunting," he says.

But he's not lost British TV just yet, and has already begun work on series two of The Fall. "I'm totally blown way by where the writer, Allan Cubitt, is taking the story. I can't wait!"

"It's lovely to know you're going on to something that was received well, and a character you love playing. After his killing spree in Northern Ireland, Paul Spector is coming to get you, Scotland!"

And with that chilling message, Jamie is off, preparing for the next day of rabble - rousing and horseplay - which may not be quite as much fun as it sounds. "I'm actually allergic to horses," he confides, "so I'm quite drugged up on antihistamines when I'm trying to shoot the king. Maybe that's why I miss..."


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