Monday, May 26, 2014

'New Worlds' DVD Cover + Info

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Release Date: May 19th 2014
Duration: 200 minutes
Discs: 2

A lavish new drama mini-series set in England and America in the 1680’s from the makers of the award winning The Devil's Whore, Elizabeth I and The White Queen.

Starring Once  Jamie Dornan (The Fall), Freya Mavor (The White Queen), Joe Dempsie (Game of Thrones), Eve Best (Nurse Jackie), Jeremy Northam (The Tudors) and Alice Englert (Beautiful Creatures), New Worlds is a gripping story of love, loss and the price of freedom.

In England, the restored monarchy of Charles II has betrayed its promises and reverted to tyranny. Behind the decadence of the Court, a terror machine is repressing the freedoms won for the people during England’s bloody civil war.

In America, the tentacles of state terror reach the English colonists of New England trying to throw off the shackles of the English Crown. At the same time the colonists are ruthlessly staking their claim to the territories occupied by the Native American Indians in a chilling echo of the tyrannical behaviour that they themselves sought to escape.

Against this backdrop of turbulent times, four young people - Beth, Hope, Abe and Ned – struggle to choose between love and ideals in the harsh reality of the changing world.

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