Monday, May 26, 2014

Bronagh Waugh Talks About Jamie

On the subject of scenes on The Fall, it’s only natural to ask what everyone else wants to know… what it’s like to play the wife of serial killer Paul Spector, or more importantly, act out love scenes with former Mr Calvin Klein and the immortalised Christian Grey otherwise known as Jamie Dornan.

“I get asked that all the time,” she begins on the subject. “He’s just Jamie. When you’re an actor and you work on the set all the time, it’s just a work thing. The interest is weird,” she continued.

“Our intimate scenes are the least intimate moments ever. For a start there are 40 people in the room. I remember we did this one scene, in the bath and the water had to be still, no bubbles. I got in and lay down and I see Jamie’s shoulders going like this (shakes) and I look down and there’s my modesty cover floating down the bath so when things like that happen, it’s the most unromantic, unsexy thing ever,” recalled Bronagh.

Jamie Dornan’s rise to fame as an actor could very easily dominate a conversation with Bronagh and she’d happily chat for hours about his skillset, his professionalism and what a great guy he is without resentment; “I went for an audition once and I think I was only called in because I worked with Jamie. It’s just a really weird thing and I’m like ‘yes, but did you see the show? Did you like the show?’”


Funny is one adjective that is very apt for Bronagh. Humour is all part of her makeup. She’s one very funny lady and her self-deprecating tales could while away hours in her company.

One example is her recital of the IN! Magazine Awards in March when she took the title of Woman of the Year – an experience she reflects on with pride but a touch of embarrassment.

“I was delighted but I did not expect to win,” she said. “I took by bra off in the toilet. It was hurting me and I thought ‘screw this’. I wouldn’t have done that if I knew I was going to win,” she recalled.

The bra issue didn’t go unnoticed as host Eamonn Holmes so kindly pointed out to 400-strong audience.

“I also fell off my chair,” Bronagh continued. “When Jamie and his wife won Couple of the Year, I stood up and the UTV cameras were on me. I knocked my chair over and didn’t realise and I’m standing tall, clapping, all proud and then, when I went to sit back down, I fell. Oh god, it was awful. I hit my face off the table and Leah Totten from The Apprentice had to pick my chair up. I was scarlet but there you go, Northern Ireland’s Woman of the Year, keeping it real!”


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