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Jamie's Interview in ELLE UK March 2014 issue



Is the self-effacing Irish actor ready for epic,life-changing international fame? Well, kind of.

Jamie Dornan is arguably the hottest man in the world right now. He's currently filming the most talked about movie in Hollywood - playing Christian Grey in Fifty Shades of Grey. He'll also be heating up our screens in epic historic drama, New Worlds, Channel 4's follow-up to the The Devil's Whore, Indeed, the only not hot about the Belfast-born 32-year-old is his temperature. He's talking to us from sub-zero Fifty Shades set in wintery Vancouver.

Sadly, though, we're not allowed to discuss the film (or his newborn daughter with wife and fellow actor, Amelia Warner). In the meantime, Dornan is gearing up to reprise his role as serial killer Paul Spector in the BBC's cult drama The Fall. ELLE meets a man on cusp of global superstardom...

Hi Jamie. It's all go for you at the moment. Where's your head at?

Life's feeling pretty good, I guess, no major complaints. It's all brilliant.

You've said before that you doubted yourself. Has your subsequent success helped you believe you're a great actor?

[Laughs] There's no way of me answering that without sounding like a dick! Look, I wouldn't waste time doing something if I didn't think I had the capability. I've always wanted to act, but a lot of things need to be aligned; you need to get a little luck and you need that platform to prove you can act.

You have a lot of devoted fans, especially on Twitter (170,000-plus and counting). Is that a nice part of the job?

I don't know a lot about that. I'm not very active on Twitter and I don't read stuff when people mention me - I don't think it's very healthy. You'll scroll down loads of good comments until you see something negative, and that's the only one you'll take on board.

But it must be nice when celebrities like Lena Dunham tweet you saying they're a 'monstrous fan'?

Yes, that's very kind and unexpected. I think she's genius.

New Worlds is an English historical drama - how's your accent?

I've lived in London for over 11 years, so I've been around that accent a lot. Although, maybe when the show comes out it'll be so bad they'll have dubbed Hugh Grant over the top.

With everything else that's going on in your life right now, do you find it easy to relax?

Yeah, I'm pretty good at switching off. I'm quite a relaxed guy most of the time.

When is the last time you lost it?

Watching Ireland play rugby. I got very angry because we lost - I was heartbroken. I get bad road rage as well; a lot of swearing!

You played a lot of sport as a teenager, are you still into it?

I'm a massive sports fan and spend most of my time on sports websites when I have my phone in my hand. I'm a Manchester United fan and play on a couple of football teams when I'm back in London. I play golf, too - you didn't know I was that cool, did you?

We knew! Tell us more about what you like doing off set.

I like a good Sunday roast. I'm a big reader, but I'm not a big TV guy - there's too much choice. Every day someone's like, 'YOU HAVE TO WATCH THIS!' I was ready to kill people when Breaking Bad was finishing. I haven't had time to watch it yet, but I will at some stage, and then I'll probably become that person, too.

A few more questions from ELLE UK site:

Before acting you were in a band called Sons of Jim. Did you ever take that seriously?

It was one of those things that moved on its own wave that we weren’t really surfing on.

I was young and with one of my best mates in the world - who still is one of my best mates in the world - and we were just having fun, but other people were trying to make us go in a direction we hadn’t envisioned. Eventually something has to give.

Are you a music snob?

I wouldn’t say that, although I probably was when I was younger.

It’s funny how you get a bit older and become a more accepting of things. When you’re in your twenties you’re sceptical of everything. I definitely felt like that.

Did you have many fans?

I should be writing a thousand apology letters to the friends and family I dragged to our gigs over the years. Often they would be the only people in the room having to talk amongst themselves.

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