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New Interview of Jamie in Grazia Italy May 2014 Issue

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Beautiful effortlessly: wearing sweat pants, a white t-shirt and the sweaty face. "Now you think that journalists make me nervous, I was actually playing football," joked Jamie Dornan, 32.

Match the actor in Belfast, his hometown, on the set of the TV series The Fall, airing this fall on Sky Atlantic. He would face almost a good guy if it were not for those eyes indecipherable, as if hiding a mystery. He will be the fascinating and perverse Mr. Grey in the film adaptation of Fifty Shades of Grey, the bestselling EL James, released on Valentine's Day next year. And Grace I will present a preview.

Let's proceed with order: The Fall, Jamie plays Paul Spector, respectable family man by day, serial killer by night. The fiction has been so successful that it has been commissioned a second series and Dornan had to catapult to Belfast from the set of Fifty Shades. "Here I feel at home and not just a question of geography: The Fall has changed my life," he confesses. In fact, before Jamie was a model, dubbed the " golden chest " after the campaign for Calvin Klein , now is a credible actor and engaging.

Among his former there are Sienna Miller and Keira Knightley, but a year is married to English singer-songwriter and actress Amelia Warner from whom he had a daughter, born last November.

You suggested to Allan Cubitt (writer and producer of The Fall) to make his character a loving father. Why?

"Allan argued that a serial killer couldn’t love his own children, but I see it differently. I think it’s important to tell that side of the character to make the character as realistic as possible."

In The Fall, there are quite gruesome scenes: did you ever feel uncomfortable on the set?

"Every role has difficult sides. But sometimes at night, I had nightmares."

You must be good with ropes between the strangulations in The Fall and the erotic games in Fifty Shades of Grey?

"I can assure you that strangling an actress with a rope isn’t the most pretty thing you can do! For Fifty Shades of Grey, I can’t say anything. The production imposed absolute silence.

Okay, but can you tell me at least that since they choose you to become Christian Grey, how your life has changed? Starting with the attention of the press.

"I don't really see like that, maybe because I have worked tirelessly this year and this allowed me to protect me from the invasion of journalists and paparazzi. Of course I’m happy for my career."

I read in an interview that doctors have diagnosed you with abnormal levels of adrenaline.

"Yes, it's true. But I don't think this will help me in the profession: I hate actors who exaggerate and do more than what is needed in a scene."

The modeling career was a springboard to Hollywood, right?

"Yes, I was lucky, if I hadn't earned my living as a model maybe I would have given up my dream of becoming an actor. But I always wanted to be an actor and underneath I thought that giving up would have been madness."

Yeah, thank goodness that did not give up. Now that I knew him, I can tell you this: there is no Mr. Grey better than him.

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