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Jamie in ASOS Magazine (2013) - Pictures + Interview + BTS Video



You can read Jamie's interview with ASOS Magazine below

Thought ex-model Jamie Dornan was just a pretty face? His turn as a sadistic serial killer in TV thriller The Fall will make you think again...

Jamie Dornan is a mega-babe. All designer stubble and cobalt blue eyes, it seems like he could only exist projected from a screen or billboard. Of course, that's where you might have seen him. As we chat in a draughty studio, the model-turned-actor explains how his life in front of lens began - "I came to London for [reality show] Model Behaviour and got cut when they narrowed us down. I was gutted but thought, 'Fuck it', so I left university and moves to London."

The next few years were spent writhing naked in i-D, tussling Rosie Huntington-Whiteley in GQ and wrestling shirtless with Eva Mendes for Calvin Klein. "I did my first campaign in 2003," he recalls. "There was a huge poster of Natalia Vodinova biting my arse on Houston [Avenue] in New York. I stood there in morbid fascination watching them drape the next piece of the puzzle down..."

A world away from his native Belfast, Dornan's friends were never going to let success go to his head. "I get the shit ripped out of me constantly," he laughs. "One time I'd done a Nicole Farhi campaign and was pulling a camp, vulnerable pose in one of the shots and my mates fell to the floor laughing."

Then Hollywood came calling as his first audition secured him big screen debut in Sofia Coppola's Marie Antoinette. "It was surreal," he says. "I had drinks with Sofia and the producer at The Ritz after my second audition in Paris and thought every job would be like that!"

After abandoning the model life and short-lived folk band Sons of Jim ["I didn't feel good enough to be a musician"], Dornan took on acting full-time. The pursuit paid off and he landed a spot on ABC series Once Upon A Time as resident heart-throb, Sheriff Graham.

Next up, the 30-year-old sweaps eye candy status for 'demented serial killer' in BBC Two thriller The Fall. "[To get in character] I read about people like my character and watched interviews with guys who'd done unspeakable things," he says. "It was difficult to keep in that head space. Some nights I had to be alone, take a bath, think about what I'd done.."

Today he's back on model form in a paisley print bomber as he switches from furrowed brow thinker to 'Hey girl' gaze. "You'd think I'd be used to posing in front of the camera but it's not a comfortable situation," he says.

It's no wonder he's developed an aversion to flashbulbs-aged 20, he spent two years caught up in the paparazzi scrum while dating Keira Knightley. Now engaged to singer-songwriter Amelia Warner, he's unruffled when it comes to his nuptials. "It's an important day, but what can go wrong? All the people you love are there to watch you have a brilliant day," he says.

While he's cool on big stuff, little things trigger his inner grumpy old man. "I've got a short fuse about the ineptitude of other people," he declares, "people who take forever at cash machines", thought he is excited at the prospect of hitting 50, if only for the sartorial benefits. "People think you look good in a hat after 50," he says. "Every hat I wear makes it look like I'm trying to be in JLS, so I'm looking forward to that being a problem."

"I've never been trendy. I'm not like, 'That's cool.' Style is forever, fashion is a fad. People can look ridiculous trying to be fashionable. If you're comfortable in jeans and a shirt, wear them. I'm amazed people wear hi-tops because One Direction wear them."

Band of Outsiders and Thom Browne shirts are his wardrobe obsessions. "My dream is to have three nice shirts, two nice pairs of trousers and three T-shirts," he says. His "vices" are equally simple - "I like Sky Sports, a Guinness and burgers. I love Dirty Burger in Kentish Town." he pauses. "I actually thought I was more in touch with my feminine side!"

So he loves Guinness, his fiancee and playing murderers. But what does he love about himself? "My beard," he says. "The dimensions of my face look weird without it."

A mega-babe with modestry? Yes, please.

Behind the scenes video and interview

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