Monday, May 26, 2014

Jamie and 'New Worlds' Cast in Glamour UK March 2014 Issue - Interview + Pictures + BTS Video


The day of our shoot, Jamie Dornan, 31, was announced as the new Christian Grey, which made for an interesting start. After a paparazzi chase on his way to the studio, we're given strict instructions not to ask about the role, so despite our best efforts - and Joe's on-set jokes about spank paddles - Jamie isn't allowed to talk about the precise motivation behind recreating those Red Room Of Pain sessions. Sorry everyone, we tried. However, it seems pain is an ongoing theme in Jamie's recent work. While last year's The Fall saw him playing a charming, psychotic and hot (really, it was disturbing just how hot he was) serial killer with a chilling post-murder ritual, New Worlds sees him playing violent, idealistic outlaw who is determined to fight to keep England's liberty. "A lot of knife skills were essential for my journey," says Jamie. A scene where he had to appear a dab hand at skinning a (prosthetic) deer didn't exactly go to plan."I don't think anyone, even with the biggest imagination in the world, would have bought the idea that that was real deer," he laughs. "It was in bits with wires hanging out. There's a reason we're shooting it again this week."

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