Saturday, February 7, 2015

Jamie's Twitter Q&A for 'Fifty Shades of Grey'

Question: Christian Grey likes coffee and Ana likes Tea. Which do you prefer tea or coffee?

@JamieDornan: ".@FSOG_UK in morning coffee, as day goes on tea. #AskJamieDornan"

Q: What do you think about other guys from the cast? Luke, Victor?

@JamieDornan: "@JamieDornan: .@michalmalcat Luke and Victor are legends #AskJamieDornan"

Q: What was your favorite scene to film and why?

@JamieDornan: ".@FiftyShadesFilm the negotiation scene #AskJamieDornan"

Q: Wanted to say that you were perfect as Christian in EVERY WAY.... EVERY!

@JamieDornan: ".@50Latersbaby Thank you in every way #AskJamieDornan"

Q: What is your life philosophy?

@JamieDornan: ".@ulusoylife "Take it easy but take it." #AskJamieDornan"

Q: Have you "stolen" anything from Christian's wardrobe?"

@JamieDornan: ".@JDornanGreece I took one t-shirt #AskJamieDornan"

Q: Hi, Jamie! Do you think the fans will be happy with the movie?

@JamieDornan: ".@PukeUnicorns_ I hope so #AskJamieDornan"

Q: What makes you the happiest?

@JamieDornan: ".@zpetit19 Tequila and my family. #AskJamieDornan"

Q: What's your favorite movie?

@JamieDornan: ".@PaulineGiraud24 If I had to pick one, Badlands #AskJamieDornan"

Q: How are you feeling about people finally seeing the movie?

@JamieDornan: ".@mervgerger Excited because I know you've all been waiting a really long time. #AskJamieDornan"

Q: Do you like cheesecake?

@JamieDornan: ".@zjmstyles I love cheesecake, but keep it basic #AskJamieDornan"

Q: What was your favourite thing about filming in Vancouver?

@JamieDornan: ".@lustingforjamie The sushi! #AskJamieDornan"

Q: Who was the funniest person to work with on the Fifty Shades of Grey set?

@JamieDornan: ".@LatersBaby2 Seamus McGarvey who was our cinematographer #AskJamieDornan"

Q: Opinions on chocolate covered strawberries?

@JamieDornan: ".@happiIymaria They're very good! #AskJamieDornan"

Q: Mr Grey has many toys outside of the playroom. Which is your favorite, the Audis, helicopter, glider, boat, etc?

@JamieDornan: ".@FiftyShadesFilm The glider. #AskJamieDornan"

Q: What's your favourite song from the #FiftyShades soundtrack?

@JamieDornan: ".@siredbydamon @MovieTickets @elliegoulding's "Love Me Like You Do" #AskJamieDornan"

Q: What's the last picture you took on your phone?

@JamieDornan: ".@itsJamieDornans It was a photo of my daughter, I take about a thousand a day. #AskJamieDornan"

Q: Would you rather be chased by one horse sized duck or by 100 duck sized horses? X

@JamieDornan: ".@vixennicks What do they want from me!? Probably the horse sized duck #AskJamieDornan"

Q: What is one thing people would be surprised to know about you?

@JamieDornan: ".@Nadya__Kovaleva I'm asthmatic. #AskJamieDornan"

Q: What sports do you play? :D

@JamieDornan: ".@SammieeeSideUp Golf, Skiing, Football (soccer). #AskJamieDornan"

Q: What's your favorite cereal?

@JamieDornan: "@meganisugly Chocolate Crunchy Nut Clusters #AskJamieDornan"

Q: How was the first day on the set ? #AskJamieDornan

@JamieDornan: ".@Gleek_1897 Mildly terrifying. #AskJamieDornan"

Q: How did it feel like entering the theatre full of amazingly proud fans yesterday morning? Your performance was astounding!

@JamieDornan: ".@Mandy_ish It felt special and surreal. #AskJamieDornan"

Q: What do u love about Ireland?

@JamieDornan: ".@butterparisfly The people and the Guinness. #AskJamieDornan"

Q: What did you wanna be as a kid?

@JamieDornan: ".@youthbiebers A park ranger. I love green space. #AskJamieDornan"

Q: Hiya Jamie what is your favorite thing to do when you go to New York?

@JamieDornan: ".@TraceyH34 Eat burgers. #AskJamieDornan"

Q: What is one thing you can't leave without that you always take with you?

@JamieDornan: ".@WesleyftGrey My wife. #AskJamieDornan"

Q: Jamie, we're all so glad you're doind this again! How do you feel? Not too tired?

@JamieDornan: "@JamieDornan_org I'm exhausted but looking forward to the premieres."

Q: What is your favorite BeyoncĂ© song right now?

@JamieDornan: "@BeharLovesB Crazy in Love or Drunk in Love. #AskJamieDornan"

Q: The Beatles or The Rolling Stones???

@JamieDornan: ".@anna_shkutan I love them both. #AskJamieDornan"

Q: Now will '50 Shades' give me a big 'ol boner the same way 'The Fall' did?

@JamieDornan: ".@JennyJohnsonHi5 Bigger than you know how to handle. #AskJamieDornan"

@JamieDornan: "Thanks so much everyone, sorry that I didn't get to all of you. That was fun! #AskJamieDornan"