Saturday, February 14, 2015

New Interview of Jamie and Dakota's with ITV's This Morning Show

UTV - Straight to the point, Alison wanted to know the dirty details from the set as the stars admitted they had help in understanding the S&M world Christian Grey introduces to Anastasia Steele.

“We had a guy called Liam who was our “kink advisor”,” explained Holywood man Jamie.
“I probably learnt more than Dakota because Anastasia is meant to be new to it all and sort of clueless and being put in those situations.

“So the onus is on me to be doing the things right.”

The books are famed for their numerous sex scenes and Alison wanted to make sure that there would be plenty in the film – she was asking for the fans, of course…

Jamie told her: “It’s hard to get away from it, its s big part of the story so there’s enough in there to keep you keen.

“But there is a good story as well, my thing is you can’t write a trilogy of books purely based on S&M sex. You need something at the spine to carry readers through and that is a love story and its two characters that resonate with people.

Dakota added: “Everyone can have their own sense of what this story should be and what it should look like. You read a book and you imagine your own characters and your own places, so we did our version.”

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