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New Interview of Jamie with Hello Magazine


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From his days as a top model to his new big-screen role as the world's favorite sadist, the Northern Irısh actor has stolen our hearts. So why isn't he happy when he looks in the mirror?

Once one of the world's highest paid male models, Jamie Dornan proved he was more than a pretty face with his chilling performance as serial killer Paul Spector in hit BBC crime drama The Fall. Now, the Holywood-born star is upped to become the toast of Hollywood with the opening of his hotly anticipated film Fifty Shades Of Grey this Friday. In adaptation of EL James's multi-million-selling novel, Jamie plays the sexy but sadistic and emotionally distant Christian Grey - a role far removed from his happy home life in London with his actress and songwriter wife Amelia Warner and their 14-month-old daughter.

He tells us more about the film, being a father and why romance is for more than just Valentine's Day.

How much did you know about Fifty Shades of Grey before you accepted the role of Christian Grey?

Well, I was aware of the books, of course, but I hadn't read them. But I loved making the film and I very much enjoyed working with [co-star] Dakota Johnson. Actors are weird people and often it takes a while for us to figure the other one out but Dakota and I had a very strong rapport.

How did it feel to be playing the object of so many women's fantasies?

It took the pressure off because Christian is such a fantasy figure that he's like a superhero - he doesn't exist. He's also described as "the epitome of male beauty" and nobody is that, although I guess George Clooney comes pretty close. There's no way I could live up to anybody's idea of whatever that is so I didn't even have to try.

Aren't you happy with the way you look?

No. Look, I was a model for years and that's supposed to help you be less self-conscious about your body. But I'm just like anyone else and have massive hang-ups about my appearance. I spent my childhood feeling skinny and small and these days, no matter how much I work out and how many times I get filmed with my top off and the photographer's saying: "Ohhh, you look great," all that isn't going to alter the fact that when I look in the mirror, all I see is this skinny kid and I don't like it.

You were in the folk band Sons of Jim. Do you still play music?

Not seriously any more. We got into Sons of Jim for fun but then it become relatively serious and people wanted us to do it more than we wanted to. The thing about being in a band is it takes up so much time and energy that you have to be fully committed to it and we didn't have that. I also didn't think we were very good and that's a bad energy to put into it if you're choosing to do it. You have to have a belief that you can put out stuff that is better than anyone else's and I definitely, definitely didn't have that.

How about playing for your own pleasure?

Of course I do that. I knocked around on the guitar for an hour and a half yesterday. My wife wasn't very pleased but the baby danced to it for a while, although that's not saying much as she'll dance to anything.

Talking of the baby, how is fatherhood?

It's the best thing that's ever happened to me. Every day seems to get better and better. We had our baby only three days before started filming Fifty Shades of Grey. It was intense shoot and my version of relaxed during my down time was waking up five times a night, changing nappies and walking around with baby vomit on my shoulders.

What do you do to relax as a family?

We like to go off on holiday. We went to Norway about five months ago and it was the best holiday we've had. An amazing place.

How will you celebrate Valentine's Day?

Well, I don't think I'll be taking my wife to see Fifty Shades of Grey - although if other couples want to celebrate by going to see that sort of film, then maybe they'll find something of benefit to talk about when they get home. I do try to make some sort of effort, especially now that I'm married with a baby. It's important to keep the romance alive along the way. I also think romance shouldn't be just about doing nice things one night a year. It should be about making an effort and doing them all the time.

Dakota has described your enegry level as being "borderline manic". Any comments?

First, that that's rich, coming from her. But, yes, a doctor did once tell me that I have high levels of adrenaline so I do struggle to sit still for too long. But look at me now - we've been talking for, what, 25 minutes - and I've been sitting still the whole time. I'm very impressed with myself.

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