Wednesday, February 25, 2015

New Interview of Jamie with UTV

The Co Down star portrays the enigmatic character with “singular” tastes in the bedroom who embarks on a whirlwind and eye opening relationship with “innocent” student Anastasia Steele.

Dornan says of the film’s main characters: “What I think is so powerful is that these people are both making quite big compromises and having to open up a side of them that they aren’t necessarily comfortable with, or have never even explored, to enable them to be with each other.

“A big part of it is two people who know they want to be together but really have to make wild changes in who they are to have that happen.”

The character of Christian Grey is complex at best and Dornan admits he feels the crux of the story is how much Anastasia is able to “unlock” him.

“He wouldn’t expose too much about himself,” he adds. “But Ana unlocks this whole side to him and he breaks so many of his own rules. I think that is quite telling in how taken he is with her. She lets her so far in to his world.”

When it was announced that the bestselling novel from writer EL James would be brought to the big screen, fans of the book both pondered and despaired over which scenes – many of which contained some highly risqué moments – would be put on film.

One of the key scenes in both the novel and the movie is the initial meeting between Christian and Anastasia.

Dornan said: “We actually gave it two days to film it so we could really give it the attention it deserved.

“She gets to meet this guy that everyone wants to know about really and ends up being quite taken by him as he is with her. What ensues is a mad back and forth love story.”

Another pivotal moment from the book is when Anastasia sees Christian’s “playroom” for the first time and gets a sneak peek into his world.

No doubt an important set piece during the film’s production, Dornan admits he took the opportunity to spend quite some time in Christian’s Red Room – all in the name of immersing himself in the character.

“I did want to spend a bit of time in the Red Room, so I was left alone in there a couple of times,” he explained.

“It was really important that Dakota (Johnson, who plays Anastasia) hadn’t seen the red room until we shot the first scene in it. That’s how we did it – we open the door and turn on the lights and that was legitimately the first time that Dakota saw the room – I think that’s really important.

Of his Fifty Shades co-star, he added:  “Dakota is great fun, I consider myself to be funny I guess, which I probably shouldn’t, but we have a thing where we will try to outdo each other sometimes with humour.

“I think that kind of essential going into a job where there are scenes that are quite intense. You need to have that humour to appease the situation.

“And she is also very professional, so when it mattered we were very much in the game.”

Navigating the two actors through the world of Fifty Shades of Grey was director Sam Taylor-Wood.

“I always trusted that Sam was the right person to be in charge of this film,” said Dornan. “I think it is important to have a woman, not that I’m saying that any old woman could have directed this, but because it comes from Anastasia’s perspective, I think it was important to have a woman.

“Sam has dealt with sex in her past work in a very classy way and in a very dignified and demure way, but kept it sexy without it being gratuitous or over the top.

“We always trusted that Sam had our back in that and was there to protect us and those scenes would be handled correctly in a way that we were all comfortable with.”


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