Friday, February 20, 2015

'Fifty Shades of Grey' Costume Designer Mark Bridges Talks About Jamie

DETAILS: Is there a particular suiting brand that you worked with for the film?

Mark Bridges: The suits were completely custom-made under my direction, based on what we thought Jamie's best features were. We had to use two tailors because of logistics and Jamie joining the cast late. So they were started by tailors in Los Angeles and finished and reworked a bit by a fabulous tailor that we found in Vancouver.

DETAILS: Jamie started his career as a model and certainly has the body for the work. Did that make it easier or harder to dress him?

Mark Bridges: It's interesting that you ask that, because Jamie is very good-looking, but everybody has things that you have to work with or work around. But because he is slim and fit, I always said during the whole process that it's very difficult to make Jamie look bad. But nobody's perfect. You know what I mean?

DETAILS: Totally. And did his workout for the film pose any challenges?

Mark Bridges: I do remember that at some point early on they were very anxious for Jamie to work out and change his shape. He was having, like, three or four protein shakes a day. And that's when I coined the phrase, "My tailoring can't keep up with your protein shakes." Because they were training him in such a way that he was outgrowing suits in the arms.

So everybody decided, let's get him a toned shape and hold on to that. And I have to say that he looks terrific. I love how he looks in the film. And not just in my suits; I mean, it takes a village. His hair is great, the camera work is great. I had a lot of wonderful shirt-makers, tie-makers, tailors working on him. So it all came off very well.


GLAMOUR: Who or what were your influences for Christian (Jamie Dornan), Ana (Dakota Johnson), and Mia (Rita Ora)?

Mark Bridges: For Christian it was international heart throbs like David Beckham and David Gandy, men of immense personal style, making whatever they wear look effortless. Ana was inspired by my desire to make her look like a real person, but the best possible version of reality. The character of Mia was just about what seems fashion forward and fun for the short scene she appears in the film.

GLAMOUR: Jamie Dornan has recently been crowned GLAMOUR's Sexiest Man - what's your opinion of his red carpet style?

Mark Bridges: I haven't really been following all the festivities but I will say Jamie is one of these men that are nearly impossible to make look bad! He always looks good, has a sense of his style and, best of all, is comfortable in his own skin. Everything works on him.

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