Friday, February 20, 2015

Dakota Talks About 'Fifty Shades of Grey' and Mentions Jamie

You share a lot of sex scenes with Jamie Dornan, what were they like to film?

Sometimes they were weird just because you're naked in front of a lot of people. It's just so technical; it's not a very sensual environment.

Was it weird when suddenly the director shouts cut and you're naked?

A little weird. I'd be immediately covered and we'd start talking about what we needed to change and make better. There was some giggling, but I have giggle fits all the time, especially on set. But there isn't really any time for it to be awkward.

How much research did you have to put in?

Jamie did a lot of research because he really needed to, to be perfect at it. But the thing with Anna is that she'd never seen anything like it. So I really wanted it to be a genuine experience. I never saw the Red Room until the scene. You see me see it for the first time in the movie.

How did you react when you saw it?

I thought it was incredibly creative. The room was so beautiful. Everything right down to the most minute details is perfect. All the drawers and cupboards have things in it. It's all real.

Did you and Jamie play around with the equipment?

We'd joke around at all time. There are some really crazy things in there that I never even knew existed. There are certain chairs for certain positions. There's a tiny little chair that looks like what happens when you go to the gynaecologist, you know, when you put your feet up.

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