Saturday, February 21, 2015

Jamie Talks About 'Jadotville'

Jamie Dornan will be shaking off his Fifty Shades Of Grey persona to play an officer leading a United Nations Irish army unit that went to the Congo in 1961.

"It’s not Christian Grey in uniform," the actor joked.

The film’s about the Siege Of Jadotville and is based on real-life events, concerning a series of civil wars that cost 100,000 lives in the botched decolonisation of what had been the Belgian Congo.

Dornan will play Pat Quinlan in a David-and-Goliath story of how the outnumbered Irish unit he led faced 3,000 troops loyal to the Katangese prime minister.

"There was unrest and the officer and his men were fighting French and Belgian mercenaries," Dornan told me. He added that there was another problem — with the United Nations practically abandoning the men.

"The UN wouldn’t send more ammunition and the film’s about how these men coped. It’s as different as you can get from Fifty Shades," the actor said.


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