Thursday, February 5, 2015

Jamie and Dakota on the cover of Vanity Fair Italia (February 2015) - New Jamie and Dakota Quotes

Original Cover 

UHQ Scans

New Quotes

(Thanks to @DakotaJohnsonEN for translation)


“I looked like I was 11 when I was already 21.”

“I am outgoing only with my friends, when I just meet someone, I clam up. I have never been able to approach a girl and thank God, I don’t need it anymore.”

“I used to play in a band with my best friend, Dave. Sometimes we talk about the old times and laugh about it because I was off-key, with no talent whatsoever.” 


“I have a huge forehead but when I was a kid, I used to think I looked good with my hair up. Now when I look at those pictures, I can’t help but think I looked like a bald alien.”

“I can flirt with pretty much anything. Women, men, children, walls.”

“I am really good with skeet and there is something no one knows about. Just before we started shooting [Fifty Shades], I jumped with a parachute. If someone knew, they would have never allow it, but it was awesome!”

“In my next movie, I’ll play a sociopath and I am planning to move. I don’t know where yet but Los Angeles is too tight fitting for me right now.”

Thanks to @Shades_Blog for scans

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