Thursday, February 5, 2015

Eloise Mumford Mentions Jamie and Dakota

LittleRock - Many eyes are on “Fifty Shades of Grey.” Vintage Books/Random House sold more than 100 million copies of the three “Fifty Shades” books, and many of those readers closely followed the casting details as the Universal Studios production fell into place. Mumford admits that she felt some pressure to live up to the expectations of the books’ many fans.

“The whole movie was a challenge because of that,” Mumford said, "because they’re such well-known and beloved characters and there are so many fans across the globe. I don’t want to speak for Dakota and Jamie, but I felt that pressure to live up to everyone’s view of what these characters would be.

“I don’t have to do very much sexually in the film,” she continued, "and so that part wasn’t very hard. But the part of making sure that I was properly embodying Kate to the fullest, so that the fans would be pleased and so that I would be pleased ... That was on my mind. I want people to feel who she is, truly, to the core. And I’m incredibly in awe of the passion with which Jamie and Dakota took on their characters. They really threw themselves into it and were very dedicated to getting the characters right and doing justice to the emotional struggles that both the characters are going through.

“I feel very confident that we’ve delivered the goods,” Mumford added. "Sam Taylor-Johnson is a really tremendous director. The cinematographer, Seamus McGarvey, is incredible. Erica, the writer, is incredible.

“We have all the odds stacked in our favor, so I’m very hopeful the fans will like it.”

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