Thursday, November 20, 2014

Valene Kane Talks About 'The Fall' Season 2 and Jamie

Radio Times - He’s murdered three women, put another in hospital and led the police a merry dance across Belfast – and apparently The Fall’s handsome killer Paul Spector (Jamie Dornan) will plumb even grimmer depths this series.

“We can expect to see the dark side of Spector in this series,” actress Valene Kane told “Well, a darker side!”

Kane – who plays Spector’s former lover Rose Stagg – should know. After providing police with an e-fit for the university boyfriend who tried to strangle her years before, Rose was targeted by Spector in her own home in the first episode of series two last week.

“It gets even darker, if you can believe it, through what he does to Rose,” Kane said.

The interaction between the two also reveals more of Spector’s mysterious past than we’ve seen before, thanks to Rose and Spector’s shared history.

“It does create an interesting dynamic and it really starts to explore him as a character because we are given a snippet of his past, of him as a young man,” Kane explained.

She added: “We see maybe how he got to become the Spector that he is today.”

Radio Times - He may play a murderous psychopath in The Fall, but when the cameras stop rolling apparently Jamie Dornan couldn’t be more polite – and apologetic.

This week we saw Dornan’s Paul Spector break into the house of university girlfriend Rose (Valene Kane) after she provided the police with an e-fit of her former lover, violently abducting her and spiriting her away for his own purposes.

But according to Dornan’s co-star, the scenes took their toll on the future Fifty Shades of Grey lead.

“He’d come up to me afterward and say ‘I’m really sorry’” Valene Kane told

“I still think it’s a struggle for him for sure. He’s such a nice guy – he’s really warm and lovely.” 

Of course, The Fall has attracted some criticism for its depiction of violence against women, with the Daily Mail even labelling it “the most repulsive drama ever broadcast” – so how does Dornan deal with such disturbing scenes?

“As a man, I think, when you’re put in a position where you’re constantly having to take advantage of women, you know, hearing women cry and scream – I don’t think he ever found it easy,” Kane said.

She added: “Though if he did, it would be slightly creepy for him and his wife.”

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