Sunday, November 30, 2014

Valene Kane Talks About 'The Fall' and Jamie

“Whereas a lot of the time, as an actress, you go in and do your work alone, and then you leave and then you end up watching someone’s edited version of your work, which is kind of odd. You don’t know what to expect. Even with The Fall, I don’t know how it’s going to turn out – they can change so much of it. I did ADR [additional dialogue recording] the other day for some scenes I hadn’t heard, and I got goose pimples. The director wouldn’t show me any more, but I’m really excited about seeing it now,” she exclaims.

The Fall is reportedly the highest rated drama launch in eight years, and swept the boards at last year’s IFTAs. Was Valene surprised by the response to the series? “There’s something quite different and unique about this show because you know it’s him [Jamie Dornan], he’s an intriguing character, but he definitely does not look like a murderer. I was totally surprised by how it was received.”

“When my episode aired, I was in New York and two women spotted me, and I was in it for five minutes and they went out of their way to say, ‘I watched you last night and you blew me away,’” she reveals. “When I heard about it first, I was so excited that there was going to be an actual TV series set in Northern Ireland that wasn’t anything to do with politics or the Troubles and it had female characters – strong female characters – in it. It’s very rare that women are written as anything other than girlfriends or the psychos, they’re never the lead.

Gillian [Anderson] is the protagonist and she is amazing. For me, it was really exciting to be part of a European project, like The Killing, but one that was set in Northern Ireland. Everything I’ve done so far hasn’t allowed me to use my own accent. I’ve done the Southern accent, but that’s not mine. I did a film two years ago called Jump, with Charlene McKenna, and that was set in Derry and that was really good, but it didn’t hit the ground in the same way as The Fall.


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