Saturday, November 15, 2014

Gillian Anderson Talks About Jamie

She praised her co-star in "The Fall," Dornan, an Irish actor who will star as titular character Christian Grey in the hotly anticipated "Fifty Shades of Grey" next year.

"Jamie's a great guy, really grounded and funny and personable and lovely to everybody and works very hard," said Anderson. "He gets an opportunity in the second season to show how good an actor he is. I think that was an effort on (writer-director Allan Cubitt's) part to create some meatier stuff."

Gibson and Spector's twin narratives came to a dramatic crescendo at the end of the first season. The second season will be more "thrilling and disturbing in psychological ways," promised Anderson.

"I think it's fantastic. I think what Allan has created, and he directed this, which is no small feat, to write, produce and direct something. I think he's done an extraordinary job."


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