Saturday, November 22, 2014

Daniel Smith, Jamie's Double in 'The Fall', Talks About Him

The 29-year-old turned out to have the same measurements as the ex-Methody pupil and within 24 hours was wearing the serial killer's signature black body warmer, grey hoodie and black jogging bottoms.

Daniel, a website designer, explained he was returning back from the gym when the opportunity arose.

"They were actually in my street. Two women were getting out of the filming trucks and they stopped and looked at me, looked away then looked back. I just had the feeling they were talking about me. They came over and asked me was I 'real' or an extra. I said I'm very much real!"

It was then they asked him if he would be interested in doing some filming the next day.
"I really couldn't believe it!"

But it wasn't just his 31-inch waist and 39-inch chest measurements that matched, Daniel also believes his decision not to shave that week also helped him get the job.

"I used to have stubble but I was being lazy that week and I just let it grow. Having the beard obviously worked out for me."

Daniel said the thought of meeting the Fifty Shades of Grey star left him feeling "very nervous" but was soon put at ease.

"Two girls brought me over and asked him 'what do you think about him as your double?' He said 'Yes, perfect but he has better hair than me', which was funny.

"I was his double when he was leaving a murder scene and caught on CCTV. It was great to wear his clothes even though they were the ones he wore when he killed someone. I was on the screen this week for about five seconds when the police were trawling CCTV for his movements but I feel like I'm part of the story now!" Daniel said he feels proud and lucky to have had the opportunity to be part of the TV series.

"When they said you will get paid for this, I just thought that is just a bonus because I was so happy to be involved in something that is made in Northern Ireland and is watched worldwide.

"But no, I wasn't asked to be his body double in 50 Shades of Grey," he joked.

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