Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Valene Kane Talks About 'The Fall' Season 2 and Paul Spector

*Contains spoilers, so beware :) 

Can you tell me a bit about your character in ‘The Fall’?
“I play Rose Stagg, who is the ex-girlfriend of Paul Spector [played by Jamie Dornan]. In the first series, we just have an interview with her when she comes along and talks about an experience she had with an ex-boyfriend which appears to be similar to what the serial killer is doing.

“She is very normal, married, and a lovely mother of two, and in the second series she obviously gets herself into a bit of trouble because she has gone to the police about Paul Spector, who she knows is Peter.”

How were you cast in ‘The Fall’?
“I was cast in the normal way, I had to put myself on tape and send it into the casting director. But I think a friend of Alan’s [the writer] had seen me in a play prior and had mentioned my name and suggested I would be good for a role. So when the role was written I put myself on tape and they decided to give me the part, which was great.”

As I understand, you’ll be playing a bigger role in the upcoming series?
“Yes, it’s exciting, very much so. When it was talked about, after the series aired, I was really excited about it but you can never really get your hopes up in this game because there is a lot of stuff that’s talked about. But when the script actually landed on my front door and I read the part I was just over the moon that Alan had written such an incredible role for me.”

What can we generally expect from series 2 of ‘The Fall’?
“It’s funny because I recently saw the first two episodes at a press screening in London for the cast and crew. There’s a lot more of the same cool style that the first series had, but there will be more focus on Paul and we see more of who Paul Spector is. There is more of a personal relationship with Rose Stagg and with Katie, the babysitter [played by Aisling Franciosi], as well.”


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