Tuesday, November 4, 2014

'The Fall' Featured in TV Choice Magazine + New Interview with Jamie and Gillian Anderson


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The Fall returns - and the hunt for Paul Spector continues ...

When we last him, psychotic counsellor Paul Spector (Jamie Dornan) fied Belfast to start a new life with his wife and two children in another town after the police got too close to him following a murder spree.

But, despite Spector's new surroundings, the killing contuniues. And hot on heels once again is DSI Stella Gibson (Gillian Anderson).

Jamie Dornan is the man who's soon to be the lead in Fifty Shades of Grey, the most eagerly anticipated film of the year - but it was The Fall that saw his star skyrocket.

It's a role he has enjoyed getting his teeth into, even if the character's darkness has affected him.

'You can't fail to be scarred by inhabiting someone like that for two seasons,' he says. 'I do carry elements of him with me, and in a worrying way I find him relatable. I think I have a deep understanding of him, and you do carry some of the anger and hatred in you a bit.'

But surely it's disturbing playing a loving father who's also a serial killer?

'Yes, and that's what makes it so harrowing,' agrees Jamie, who has a daughter with actress wife Amelia Warner.

'But that's the genius of the show - how he acts within the family and in his professional world, and what he gets off on - the preparation for the kill and the actual act itself. Now I've experienced fatherhood it maybe hits me a little bit harder.'

So can we expect more of the same? 'Paul has not changed,' reveals Jamie, 32. 'But in this series you're going to find out more about him and the reasons for doing what he does.'

The hunt is on for Spector, with a bigger team and more resources, but they are not catching him, which rankles, as Gillian Anderson explains.

'It weighs on Stella because there are lives at risk, and also because she feels increasingly close then gets further away. But she doesn't think that if she'd done things differently that she would have caught him.'

With her obsessing about arresting Spector, Stella begins to unravel slightly. 'She definitely starts to be touched by what's transpiring, although she reins it in,' says Gillian, 46.

'There are some small reveals that give away a lot about her. But I enjoy aspects of her enigmatic nature.'

The series has got under the actress skin, too.

'Yes, in terms of how Stella takes care of herself and her clothes. I started to pay more attention to that and honour myself as a woman more than I've ever done before.'

What about those blouses? They were a Twitter sensation, and, well, they're back.

'I've been trying to convince Stella McCartney to do a line of Stella Gibson blouses,' smiles Gillian. 'But I don't think she really understood!'


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