Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Bronagh Waugh Talks About Jamie

“Jamie Dornan’s sweat doesn’t smell!”

HEAT MAGAZINE: She’s gone from soapstress to big-time star in less than 12 months. JEN CROTHERS finds out how…

So, the world’s sexiest man, Jamie Dornan, just happens to be your snog partner on The Fall. Were you nervous working with him?

No because we’ve been on this journey together for two years now, so it’s just weird. He’d be mortified if anyone thought that. It’s just Jamie! We screen-tested together, we got on really well, and it just seemed to work. It was really weird when we did the first series, because no one really knew who Jamie was.


Yeah. When we were filming, I got tortured all the time for pictures because of Hollyoaks, but no one knew who Jamie was then. We took our kids [from the show] to Belfast Zoo on a bonding day and I got stopped everywhere. He was like, “This is so weird.” He’s such a shy person and he’s very self-deprecating. I was like “Yeah, if the show’s a success, you’ll have to get used to it.” Fast-forward a year, and he’s one of the most famous men on the planet. Filming the second season, he’d stop traffic!

Do you find him sexy, though?

When you work in the industry, nothing is very sexy. You are working with someone and it’s work. So I wasn’t fazed at all, because he’s just my colleague.

What’s the least sexy thing about Jamie?

Probably him playing football with the crew lads and getting really sweaty. On my last day, I went to hug him goodbye and he was soaking and he went, “C’mere!” He gave me a big hug and I was like, “Urgh, your face is just wet with sweat.” But other people would probably find that really sexy. I didn’t. [Laughs.]

Did it smell?

No. It just felt as if someone had licked your face.

How does everyone on The Fall feel about Jamie doing Fifty Shades of Grey?

Everyone on the team is so excited and really pleased for him, and I’ll definitely watch it. I think it will be strange, but I think if anyone’s going to do it, he’ll do it really well.

Do other celebrities take you more seriously now, though?

It’s more the people I fangirl over saying that they enjoy the show. Like Lena Dunham.

Actual Lena Dunham?

I remember waking up at 7am one morning, and Jamie [Dornan] had texted me and he was like, “Get the f*** out of bed. I know you’re in bed – wake the f*** up! Check your Twitter now!” I got up and checked my Twitter and I had thousands of new followers – Lena Dunham had tweeted me.

Sally Ann wears lots of dowdy jumpers – what’s the worst thing you’ve had to wear on the show?

Nothing! In the first season, I had to be totally naked apart from football socks and some wellies, and that was really, really mortifying, being naked in a barn in front of a horse that kept peeing continually. I hadn’t been to the gym in over two years because I had a really bad back injury, and Jamie had a really bad shoulder injury, so we were like two geriatrics. There was nothing sexy about it! [Laughs.]

Thanks The50ShadesWorld for the transcript

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  1. This is by far the weirdest interview I've ever read. creep/10.