Thursday, November 6, 2014

Karen Hassan Talks About 'The Fall' and Jamie

Digital Spy - What can we expect from you in the next series of The Fall?

"I'm not allowed to give too much away, especially as people have been waiting so long for the show to come back on screen again! I don't want to spoil any surprises, but what I will say is that we had a screening for it recently and I was gripped when I watched it.

"When I was reading the scripts for season two, I knew that it was going to look amazing on screen and it genuinely doesn't disappoint. I think the first season was really dark, but season two is even better."

What was it like to work so closely with Jamie Dornan and Gillian Anderson?

"Brilliant - it's been so good. As well as being a great actor, Jamie is such a great guy and very personable and down-to-earth on set. Jamie playing Paul Spector was the perfect choice, because he doesn't look like you'd expect a serial killer to look and that's great for the story. 

"With Gillian Anderson, I grew up watching The X Files so I was just excited to meet her, but to get to work with her was an eye-opener. A situation like that just pushes you to be a better actor, because I felt that I wanted to impress Gillian whenever I was in scenes with her. She's someone whose career I've followed for a long time and I'm really happy with all of our stuff together."

Did you ever expect The Fall to become such a hit?

"I remember reading it when I first had the audition and thinking that it was something special. Sometimes you get scripts through where a show translates better on screen - it's a bit like picking an item of clothing up and it looks better on! The Fall was different because I could see that it was great straight away and could imagine it looking even better on screen.

"I was a bit overwhelmed when everybody started asking me questions about the show and it just snowballed from there - it's absolutely huge now! My friend sent me an article once where Winona Ryder was being interviewed and she mentioned that she was a fan of The Fall - the fact that she's seen us is immense!"

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