Saturday, November 29, 2014

Niamh McGrady Talks About 'The Fall' and Jamie

She’s The Fall’s troubled uniform cop who’s helping Stella Gibson track her serial killer.

But actress Niamh McGrady has revealed she almost missed out on a part in the hit drama.

The flame-haired 31-year-old said: "I knew it was being cast but I just couldn’t get seen for it.

"And not long after it started shooting I got a last minute audition – I had 24 hours to read four scripts and learn four scenes and get it on tape and sent to the producers.

"But I somehow managed and they cast me off the tape I’d sent so I didn’t meet anybody before I walked onto the set.

"In a couple of days I was in Belfast at the read-through with big names like Gillian and Jamie – an incredible bunch of actors around a table.

"It was all very fast and a bit overwhelming really."

In the past few days the show has been criticised for glamourising sexual violence from some quarters.

But Niamh believes the hit TV show has opened up the conversation about violence against women and that can only be a good thing.

She added: "I think The Fall is about trying to understand violence against women – things that can happen behind closed doors – the show goes a long way to try and help to understand it.

"Also there are so many different and interesting female characters in The Fall – the women in the series are not the archetypal way we see women represented on television all the time.

"The women are what this show is really about and I feel very strongly about that."

Niamh’s character Danielle Ferrington is an intense young woman who has already let the killer slip through her fingers once but the actress says she has no problem escaping the drama when the cameras stop rolling.

She said: "There’s great banter between cast and crew and there is a lovely working environment so you never really feel the need to escape from it.”

And she reckons her co-star Jamie Dornan bears no resemblance either to Paul Spector or his upcoming character Christian Grey but she’ll be glued to 50 Shades when it is released.

Niamh added: "50 Shades is going to be massive - even I have been watching the trailers because I’m going to be interested to see what it’s like as I have read all the books myself.

"It’s funny because the character in 50 shades is probably not a million miles away from Paul Spector – a very controlling guy with a dark past.

"But Jamie is very funny – he is 100 million miles away from that, he can been seen kicking a football about on set at lunchtime, having a laugh and being very easy going.

"He’s very good fun to be around and we have shared a lot of laughs."


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