Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Gillian Anderson Talks About Jamie with Stylist Magazine

Gillian was warm, witty, engaged and, I can report, quite the opposite of that un-playful media persona. In fact, she loved the Jamie T-shirt so much she took it home, along with an Agent Scully doll to show her children that she was “properly famous once”. She hadn’t eaten since 5am and attacked the lunch buffet with gusto, chatting to the crew about her dealings with the paparazzi.


When former Calvin Klein model Dornan was cast alongside Gillian, she spent the first series explaining who he was to everyone. Now, with 50 Shades Of Grey scheduled to come out (he stars as Christian Grey) next February, she’s being asked about his career – an interest she takes with great humour and a knowing smile, fully aware what that level of fame brings with it.

“You know, he’s created a very grounded life for himself with his wife and their new baby. He has exactly the right, healthy perspective on the whole messy side of what it is that we do.” Was she ever nervous about starring alongside a novice? “Allan [Cubbit, the series creator who also wrote Prime Suspect 2] said, ‘Look, there’s somebody who’s perfect for the role’, but I think he was having a little trouble selling it. I saw Jamie’s audition tape – it was just him peeling an orange – and it was very clear he was the guy.”


Gillian is great company – interesting, honest and actually, a lot of fun. I almost suggest a night out with her and Jamie… but I think the T-shirt may have pushed it far enough.


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