Monday, May 26, 2014

'Fifty Shades of Grey' Producer Michael De Luca talks about Charlie Hunnam and Jamie (November 2013)

Mike, you're dealing with this on Fifty Shades of Grey. How much of that noise has seeped into the process? You had a very public exit by an actor, Charlie Hunnam.

Michael De Luca: I didn't feel pressure because we had a possible replacement in place before the thing actually went down. It's just called being prepared. But I am on Twitter constantly. I am a masochist. I'm into the fandom, so I was aware of what was coming the first time around, when Charlie Hunnam wasn't what most readers pictured. But he was so awesome in this audition that he did with Dakota Johnson, and he really wanted to play that character, and we're not making the movie based on Twitter. We thought we'd get there with him, and then when we couldn't, we anticipated that the new guy, Jamie Dornan, was going to be more of what the fans conjured in their imaginations.


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