Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Valene Kane Talks About 'The Fall' and Jamie

Then came The Fall. With her long dark hair, pale skin, slim build and pretty face, Valene, as Rose Stagg in the drama series, is exactly killer Phil Spector's type - and the opposite of his tall, curvy blonde wife, played by Bronagh Waugh. She first appeared briefly in series one when the icy investigator played by Gillian Anderson calls her in for questioning. Her role has subsequently developed into something meatier for series two.

"I'm the first person Spector tried to strangle and he has a special connection with me," she explains. "It's a harrowing role - the material is quite dark and there are some juicy developments, but I really can't say what they are. I saw the first episode in a private screening in London the other day - it's super nerve-wracking and exciting."

So did she swoon at former supermodel Dornan's feet when she first met him?

"No - he's super ugly in real life," she dead-pans. "No, really, he's stunning, incredible looking. And he's a nice family man, not big-headed at all. I've met his wife Amelia and the baby, she's a beauty. I was more nervous meeting Gillian but she's really warm and giving; she's the most amazing actress."


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