Thursday, October 30, 2014

'Flying Home' DVD/Blu-Ray Will Be Released as 'Racing Hearts' in US + Release Date

From Blu-Ray.Com
Universal Studios Home Entertainment has announced the Blu-ray release of director Dominique Deruddere's Racing Hearts (originally titled Flying Home), which stars Jamie Dornan, Charlotte De Bruyne and Ali Suliman. The romantic drama arrives on Blu-ray on January 13, 2015.  
Flying Home tells the story of Colin (Dornan), an ambitious young American corporate raider, and Isabelle (De Bruyne), a young Flemish student (Charlotte De Bruyne). One of Colin's potential clients, a rich Arab sheikh (Ali Suliman), is a passionate pigeon fancier who has been trying to buy a champion pigeon "Wittekop" from Flanders, but the owner, Jos Pawels, has been stubbornly refusing his offers. In an attempt to gain the sheikh's business, Colin proposes a deal: if he can convince Jos Pauwels to sell the pigeon, then the sheikh will sign with his company.  
Colin sets off for Flanders, to the small village of Bunderzele, pretending to be teacher looking for the grave of his great-grandfather who died in World War I. Colin meets Isabelle, Jos Pauwels' lovely granddaughter, and uses her to accomplish his assignment. But Wittekop, the Flemish villagers and wonderful Isabelle confront him with the biggest question: what is really important in life?  
The Blu-ray release of Racing Hearts is presented in 1080p with DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 surround. The USHE press materials suggest no special features are included. 

You can pre-order 'Racing Hearts' Blu-Ray on Blu-Ray.Com or on Amazon


  1. This is such AWESOME news. Thanks a lot for the heads up, already pre-ordered it.

  2. Another Jamie Dornan droolfest :-) but this time a PG rating. A refreshingly feel-good movie about choosing ambition over racing and flying home where the heart is