Friday, October 10, 2014

David Gandy Talks About Jamie

(...) Alas, David refused the Grey offer. On revelation of the snub, he was quoted saying, "I was asked to go it, but said, 'no'. I thought it was very badly written."

It eventually went to Jamie Dornan, an agreeably incredibly handsome alternative.

Today, perched in a quiet corner of a Mayfair pub at lunchtime, while London's city boys and girls natter and clink in the background, Gandy's now taking a different stance on the rejection.

"Firstly, I appreciated the book…"

Now there's a turnaround. "I read bits of it and whatever critics say," he clutches, "it's incredibly popular with immense power.

"Jamie's a great actor and he'll do the part real justice. It'll be seen by millions and he'll land a number of films from that.

"Difference is, he's been pursuing this. He did the BBC series, [The Fall].

"It's something that Jamie wants and I'm a lot shyer than him. He's a musician, he's gone out with very famous women. Movie stars. He's much more comfortable in that, whereas I'm much more secretive.

"Fifty Shades is going to send him into the stratosphere and I still like to be able to go about my day."

Source | via @Shades_Blog

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