Sunday, May 10, 2015

Marcia Gay Harden Talks About Jamie and 'Fifty Shades Darker'

What was it like working with Dakota and Jamie on this movie?

Marcia Gay Harden: They’re both so lovely. They were just fantastic. I mean obviously I wasn’t in the red room of pain and pleasure so the scenes that we had were like any other scene in any other movie. It was interesting to see what their subtle interaction would be. I happen to know they were holding hands under the table so the question is does Mama Grey know? Can she pick up on it? What does the family see when they are seeing the two of them interacting? They were both very subtle and very lovely. Dakota is very demure and I think she is one of the few people I know that has the ability to blush, so she had this sort of innocence about her. Jamie is a very compassionate person, very funny, very witty. I think that was something lovely that he brought to the character because he could have just been this cold character but I think Jamie brought a lot of his yearning.

I heard you bonded with Rita Ora. Tell us about that.

Marcia Gay Harden: All of the actors bonded. For Jamie and Dakota it was the first time that suddenly a bunch of us were all there together. So there was a complete mix of the group and of course you go out and you have dinner and you bond. Rita is just fantastic and funny and silly. We laughed a lot about her latest video that was out on YouTube. We just sort of poked fun at each other, and that’s always fun. It’s just banter and everybody went out and had a completely fantastic time so that for me was half the fun of it. You’re lucky to be a working actor and you go on location, that’s part of the fun of being on location. Getting to know each other in a way that’s different than getting to know each other on set. So we did that and it was really great. Vancouver was a fantastic place to be.

Are you looking forward to the sequel?

Marcia Gay Harden: Sure. Yes. I have a lot more to do in it; it will be a lot more fun.


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