Thursday, May 14, 2015

'Adam Jones' Presented at Cannes Market

From Indiewire
Harvey Weinstein delivered a strong slate at this year's Cannes presentation at the Majestic. 
He commandeered two jury members to greet the crowd. Jake Gyllenhaal stars in Antoine Fuqua's July release "Southpaw," a fighter picture, which Harvey surprised his staff by announcing they would show (to buyers? to press? no screening is yet slated) at Cannes. He said the film was invited to show in Cannes and because Gyllenhaal is a jury member, they opted not to participate. Todd Haynes' lesbian romance "Carol" (will it be "Brokeback Mountain" for gay women?) and Shakespeare's "Macbeth" starring Michael Fassbender and Marion Cotillard are both in competition.

Also on hand was jury member Sienna Miller, who stars in what she admits is a Bradley Cooper vehicle, "Adam Jones," about a rising hard-driving chef who has to learn how to work with his staff, including romantic interest Miller. (The film also stars Omar Sy, Daniel Bruhl, and Alicia Vikander.) It looks strong.

From Variety
Adam Jones
Bradley Cooper played a chef once before (on TV’s short-lived “Kitchen Confidential”), so he looks familiar in an apron as a reformed addict who wants to open a restaurant. If the Oscars gave awards for most eclectic cast, “Adam Jones” would be a frontrunner. The movie re-teams Cooper with his “American Sniper” costar Sienna Miller, who is continuing to make an admirable comeback, alongside Uma Thurman, Emma Thompson and Jamie Dornan (only seen for a second). 
Grade: B

From The Playlist
But there was some good stuff too. First up was an extended trailer for "Adam Jones," a new culinary-themed comedy starring and produced by Bradley Cooper, hoping to extend his recent stellar run. A one-time David Fincher project penned by "Locke" writer Steven Knight, it stars Cooper as a hot American chef in London, who having quit the "drinking, smoking and sniffing," sets out to mount a comeback with a new restaurant. Directed by "August: Osage County" helmer John Wells, it's a glossy-looking film that foregrounded some glitzy London locations and the romance between Cooper and his sous chef, Sienna Miller, and it's nice to see the latter getting some proper screen time after being mostly absent in "Foxcatcher" and "American Sniper."

It's not clear if it's going to be the next "Silver Linings Playbook," but it looks like a definite crowdpleaser in the making, and not just because we're fond of cooking-themed movies. Daniel Bruhl, Omar Sy, Emma Thompson, Alicia Vikander, Jamie Dornan, Lily James, Uma Thurman, Sam Keeley and Matthew Rhys also star, and it's opening on October 2nd.

From Vanity Fair
But Don’t Forget About Bradley Cooper 
Though Bradley Cooper wasn’t in attendance, it’s clear that the Weinstein Company is also going to go hard on Adam Jones, a London-set chef drama starring Cooper and Gyllenhaal’s fellow jury member, Sienna Miller. From the trailer we saw, the John Wells–directed film seems like one of those Important, Difficult Man movies that Hollywood likes to make. It looks glossy and entertaining—and features an incredible supporting cast, including Jamie Dornan, Uma Thurman, and Emma Thompson—but maybe not quite serious enough to really have a stake in the awards race. Still, we’re plenty intrigued. If nothing else, it will be interesting to see Cooper play a chef again, 10 years after his series Kitchen Confidential ran for one brief season.

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